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The most important day of your life deserves to be told in an innovative way, by capturing the unique moments you’ll live together.

Adopting an atypical approach to reportage shoots, I’ll be by your side discreetly but fully cooperating, in order to provide you with best photo reportage possible: I’ll be an attentive and unobtrusive eye, capable of capturing meaningful details at the right time.

Moreover, and most importantly, I’m a husband (a lucky one!) and I’m honoured you’ve found me and you’re considering making me your wedding photographer.

Weddings are amazing celebrations featuring all the huge building blocks of a great existence: love, laughter, new families.

Weddings are often called “great days” but, actually, what they do represent is, the beginning of great and full lives.

Great days. For ever.

Wedding Caorle Sonia and Riccardo Matteo Braghetta Destination Wedding Photographer

I don’t create pictures for myself, I take photos having your future on my mind. I want to give you more than just nice snapshots to look at, I intend to manufacture photographs that can take you back in time, making you live the feelings you felt in those exact moments again, pictures that can make you fall in love again.




I like to get to know your story, where you met, the proposal, where you love to travel to, which pets you own and all those things that define you and make you special. That’s why I chose to share some facts about me.

Destination Wedding Photographer in Italy Portrait of Matteo Braghetta


I love animals and that’s why Ottavia, a Weimaraner, and Nova, a big three-colour cat, are part of our family. They are our furry friends: with their wagging of happiness and their purring in the evening twilight, they are an integral part of our life.

Destination Wedding Photographer in Italy Portrait of Matteo Braghetta


I love the scent of the woods, their breath, the shaking of fronds when the wind fades. Walking through wild ,not man-made woods allows you to reconnect with deep and often forgotten roots, which is highly inspiring.

Destination Wedding Photographer in Italy Portrait of Matteo Braghetta


I love travelling along with Giulia, my wife, switching from new cities to North-European pristine lands. We crossed Europe up to North Cape. There, on those limitless areas, I left a piece of my heart.

If you are looking for a destination wedding photographer in Italy, or are still considering some wedding locations, take a look at the wedding reportage galleries.

Let’s start this journey together!

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