Category: Engagement

Engagement Photoshoot in Montello: Federica and Nicola

Engagement photoshoot of Federica and Nicola: a hot summer afternoon, in the sunny hills of Montello, one month before their wedding

Engagement Photoshoot at Barcis Lake: Chloe and Alexander

The pre-wedding service of Chloe and Alexander, along the banks of Barcis Lake at sunset

Engagement Photoshoot in Venice: Khatereh and Amir

The engagement photoshoot in Venice of Khatereh and Amir, from the Relais Venezia hotel to the gondola tour under the Bridge of Sighs

Honeymoon photoshoot in Venice: Myka and Carlos

Venice is the last stage of Myka and Carlos' honeymoon, where I had the pleasure of accompanying them for a tour away from the busiest routes.

Wedding proposal in Venice: Tania and Andrew

Andrew's wedding proposal to Tania, in the romantic setting of the calli of Venice, between Piazza San Marco and the Rialto Bridge

Honeymoon in Venice – Kelly and Steve

The honeymoon of Kelly and Steve in Venice, the most romantic city in the world, immortalized in the light of dawn, away from traditional paths

Engagement Photoshoot at Sile Park: Elisabetta e Carlo

Elisabetta and Carlo - Engagement Photoshoot at the Sile River Regional Natural Park