Bride Rock: who said you can’t dare?


If you have a rebellious soul, if your mood is alternative, if you don't like conventions, you are definitely dreading your wedding day. You are right, you would not feel comfortable at all dressed like a princess. You want to be a rock bride, break with tradition and be yourself even on your Yes Day.

The good news is that you don't have to conform to the masses: you can also plan a real rock wedding, in which starting with your look and ending with the location, you can play with your favorite colors, the music you listen to every day, and the arrangements most in line with your tastes.

Strong contrasts, perhaps with black and purple, rock music and urban or industrial settings will make all the difference. But what will really make you feel comfortable is having the right look.

Rock bride: secrets to a rebellious look

When you go to the atelier to choose your wedding dress, make it clear right away: no to trainers, baloon skirts, redingote lines. They are not for you. Your dress should best express your free and independent lifestyle, so if you really don't want to give up the white dress, at least make it asymmetrical or short and wow everyone with lace details, sweetheart necklines and fitted bodices.

Playing with colors can be a great idea. You are not the classic bride in white, so you can also afford to choose black, red or purple inserts, details and accessories. Want to blow everyone away and feel like a real stage star? Choose a dress that allows at least a partial glimpse of your legs and wear a nice pair of amphibians or Converse shoes, in the color of your choice: the contrast will be sure to impress. And you will walk briskly down the aisle, without fear of stumbling!

What is the makeup of the rock bride?

You certainly don't have to choose soft, natural shades. Here you can really indulge yourself! If the dress you choose is somehow reminiscent of the Fifties style, you can dare with glitter and glittery eye shadows, while if it recalls Gothic suggestions, opt for dark colors. If you feel up to it, you could even go for smokey eyes, mixing black with a nice deep purple.

Lipsticks should be dark, as well as nail polish: again, purple is the color of excellence, but don't underestimate dark bordeaux or metallic brown. Then if you really rock, use black: the effect will be disruptive!

Of course, if you plan to use accessories for the hairstyle, which should always reflect the style of the wedding, make sure that they match the colors of the makeup.

A very rock bouquet

Now that you have everything ready, you don't think you're going to meet your future groom holding a traditional bouquet, do you? Your best bet is an arrangement of alternative materials: origami, cotton balls, flowers and butterflies cut out of colored cardstock, buttons, felt creation, just about anything will do, as long as it's original and whimsical.

And remember, you're a rock bride, so it doesn't matter whether the wedding is in a church or a town hall: the music that will accompany the ceremony and reception will necessarily have to be just right. Prepare a playlist of your favorite bands and put them in the capable hands of a DJ or, better yet, a band. Your wedding will be an explosion of energy, but most importantly, it will allow you to be yourself, even on the most important day of your life.

Working as a wedding photographer in Venice, I had the opportunity to photograph Silvia and Gilles' dark wedding: from the theme, Nightmare Before Christmas, to the sheer amount of detail the couple created to celebrate their "Yes". An incredible day!

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