Chocolated-themed Wedding

chocolate themed wedding

Have you loved chocolate since childhood and don't miss an opportunity to indulge in a little break from your diet? Then the Chocolate Theme Wedding is just the thing for you!

Elegant and refined, this wedding theme will allow you to combine your love for chocolate and indulge in many original ideas with which to impress your guests. Starting with chocolate-themed wedding invitations, which can be delivered in the form of tasty chocolate bars, with the place and date of your wedding indicated on the package.

For the location, then, you will have no problem: any venue will be appropriate, as long as it is dotted with gastronomic corners full of delicacies and reminders related to the mouth-watering world of chocolate.

Tableau de Marriage and Mise en Place

To allow your guests to immediately immerse themselves in your chocolate-themed wedding, don't neglect to take care of the Tableau de Marriage setup. A really nice idea is to make it with dozens and dozens of chocolates, each bearing the name of the individual participant. Or, you could name the tables after famous chocolates and fine varieties of chocolate.

For the Mise en Place, on the other hand, you will have the option of leaving the tables natural, especially if they are made of wood, and enrich them with red, silver or gold runners to embellish the eye-catching look. Otherwise, opt for a chocolate-colored table cloth and have fun playing with your favorite colors to make it more vibrant and elegant.

Chocolate Bar

Could a Chocolate Bar ever be missing from a chocolate-themed wedding? Absolutely not! Set up a corner of the venue and equip it with a long counter on which you can arrange in plain sight chocolates, single-serving treats, pastries and macaroons, which your guests can draw on whenever they can't help but give in to their sweet tooth.

And if you want to arouse the enthusiasm of young and old alike, secure a scenic chocolate fountain, from which to let a cascade of thick, fragrant chocolate gush forth: arrange trays of cookies, marshmallows and fruit skewers all around and enjoy the spectacle of your guests competing to secure the most mouthwatering morsel.

Rum, Chocolate and cigars: a corner declined to the men

If Cubans teach that a shot of rum should be paired with a small portion of chocolate, there will be a reason. And indeed, there is. There is nothing better than a small chocolate take to best enhance the fragrance of this exotic drink.

How about, then, pampering your guests with a table entirely dedicated to their treats? A small corner with fine rums, 90 percent dark chocolate and renowned Cuban cigars will delight your male friends and relatives. But don't worry: there are sure to be a few women who won't be able to resist this corner either!

Wedding cake and dessert table

Especially if you're getting married in the middle of summer, forget about the wedding cake made entirely of chocolate: due to the high temperatures, it would arrive at the fateful moment of cutting without any more shape, denying you that scenic effect you rightly desire.

But don't despair: you can still have a perfect wedding cake for your chocolate-themed wedding. Ask your trusted pastry chef to prepare a chocolate dripped cake. What it is. It's a cake, often with several tiers, over which you drip a generous cascade of melted chocolate, which will ensure that it is stylistically consistent with your wedding, but above all, that it will have a striking visual effect, as well as all the elegance you're looking for.

But before you launch into the dancing, invite your guests to pop over to the dessert table and surprise them with an out-of-the-ordinary confectionery: banish almond candies, fill refined glass jars with chocolate candies of all kinds: dark, milk, white, with hazelnuts, pistachios, there is no limit to the imagination, except the one imposed by your supplier. Choose the best and you will not be disappointed.

Besides, would you like to put what original photographs you'll be able to take home, with you and your newlywed portrayed in a romantic pose in front of your warm chocolate fountain?

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