Country Chic Wedding: when nature becomes elegance

country chic wedding when nature becomes elegance

The renewed focus on nature and a simpler lifestyle has also hit Wedding Day, which has added Country Chic Wedding into the trends of the moment. The essential elements for this type of wedding theme are simplicity and nature, and they send the lavish arrangements full of glitter, crystals and sequins into the attic forever.

But you don't have to think that you have to give up elegance; on the contrary. The challenge will be precisely to be able to combine refined elements with a bucolic setting, which with its simplicity can best emphasize the authenticity that characterizes you.

Starting with the location. Forget luxury restaurants and opulent hotels: the Country Chic Wedding prefers country settings, immersed in nature, that can re-propose in a modern way the charming atmosphere of weddings of times gone by.

Country Chic Wedding: Locations and Arrangements

Where to hold a Country Chic themed wedding? Outdoors, of course! The ideal location is an old farmhouse in Puglia or an elegant farmhouse in the Tuscan countryside, but of course farmhouses and gardens will also be fine. The important thing is that you can take advantage of nature as the perfect setting to stage the most important day of your life.

Once you've chosen the location, now it's your turn. The arrangements for a Country Chic wedding should be in keeping with the theme, so green light to wooden barrels and vintage-flavored watering cans used as vases, hay bales, horseshoes, carts, tools for working the land and wood, lots of wood, everywhere. If you can then sprinkle the lawn with rose petals, the visual impact will be truly wonderful.

The Country Chic Mise en Place

And when it comes time to set up the tables for the reception, don't stray from the theme. Yours is a Country Chic wedding, so the tables should be strictly wooden. Don't mortify them with elaborate tablecloths, let them stand out and harmonize with the setting. You can embellish them with simple white linen runners, on which candles, seedlings or simple glass jars will make a beautiful display.

And for a truly Country Chic effect, drop the elaborate table arrangements and opt for long tables, arranged in multiple rows, as was the custom in English weddings of the late 1800s, to which this wedding theme refers.

In short, if simplicity and style are your watchwords, then the Country Chic Wedding is really for you.

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