Elopement Wedding: you, him, the officiant and the photographer!

Elopement wedding

Tell the truth: how many times have you fantasized about an elopement, during which you would celebrate your wedding, the two of you alone? You may not know it, but in the United States, always one step ahead of us, these weddings even have a very specific name: Elopement Wedding. And if you don't love being the center of attention, this really is the wedding for you.

What is an Elopement Wedding

Literally, Elopement Wedding can be translated as "elopement," but it has nothing to do with the "fuitina" of our memory. On the contrary. In fact, the basis of an Elopement Wedding is not the need to escape from relatives and friends, so much as the desire to celebrate your Yes Day solely with your partner, so that you can amplify your emotions out of all proportion.

Well, yes, on your wedding day there will be just the two of you, the officiant and, of course, your wedding photojournalist, who can focus on your most exciting moments. Because they will be several and each of them will return to you over time the excitement and that hint of craziness that characterized your wedding.

How to plan an Elopement Wedding

Know from the start that some old aunts will probably be disappointed, but otherwise you don't have to worry: those who love and know you will understand. You just think about finding a dream location and a suitable dress. Without forgetting, of course, to prepare in time all the necessary documents to get married.

The location can be whatever you want and it doesn't matter if you decide to celebrate your intimate wedding in Italy or abroad: beaches, cliffs and forests will be perfect, but if you don't want to give up the Catholic rite, that small church, in that village unknown to most, will also be perfect.

Intimate and simple, yes, but not sloppy! So think also about your dress, which will not be traditional, but the one that most emphasizes your personality: after all decided for Elopement Wedding also to feel more free, right?

And since you didn't choose it to run away from the affection of your loved ones, when you return, organize a big party, with which you can give your relatives and friends a chance to participate in the most important event of your life. And if you just can't handle feeling like the "queen of the party," don't even tell them: invite them without mentioning the wedding and tell them the reason for the event only when they have arrived. Trust me: the excitement will be great, and sharing it with your nearest and dearest will be the culmination of a perfect Elopement Wedding.

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