Escort Card: the American alternative to the Tableau de Marriage


The modernity of wedding Escort Cards seems clear right from their name: do you hear how it sounds fresher and more lively than the congealed Tableau de Marriage? That's right, and if you want to avoid a lot of confusion when choosing your place at the table and make life easier for that elderly aunt of yours as well, they are the nicest and most elegant way to let your guests know where they should sit.

Escort cards: what they are and how to take advantage of their simplicity

Let's face it: no matter how well you plan your wedding, the moment of taking a seat at the table will turn into a frenzy! Can't believe it? Try to imagine all your guests who, after the cocktail hour is over, will all rush together in front of the Tableau de Marriage, trying to figure out where you have seated them and with whom they will share your wedding reception.

Wouldn't you like to avoid this chaos? You can, by resorting to an idea as ingenious as it is essential that comes from the United States: Escort Cards, which are nothing more than simple cards on which you will write the name of your guest and the table at which they will be dining. To avoid creating queues, you can arrange them in strict alphabetical order, so that each of your guests can feel pampered and considered in his or her uniqueness.

Do you find that a card doesn't best enhance the theme of your wedding? And who says they have to be cards? Carefully evaluate the style you have chosen for your wedding and indulge yourself!

Escort cards for every taste!

Before you argue that escort cards are too basic for your wedding, consider that what will make a splash is their arrangement: attached to ribbons that descend lightly from the ceiling to the floor or arranged elegantly on vintage furniture, it won't make a difference. The dramatic effect will be assured and your guests will thank you for saving them from the crush in front of the Tabelau de Marriage.

But if you keep thinking that you'd like something more scenic than a card, know that Escort Cards can be paired with a large number of gadgets that will amaze your guests. You could place them in small glass flasks set in sand, make them appear from small jars from which a seedling sprouts, hang them from old-fashioned keys, pin them on corks, scented candles or small organic soaps. All gadgets that your guests can take home, feeling pampered as you wish.

DIY escort cards: the added value of creativity

If you are also a do-it-yourself Escort Card lover, then there is no limit to what you can make! Have children already been born from your love? Have them prepare personalized designs for your guests and add their names. Are you a fan of DIY? Green light to small boxes, decorated bottles and small arrangements of dried flowers. Is your partner a musician? Choose your favorite song and put your guests' names on mini discs. Do you have a future as a sommelier? Use the discreet charm of corks. In short, you only have to unleash all your creativity!

And then if you have time, one last idea for wedding Escort Cards that will surprise your guests: how about having them find a photo of themselves in your company (or your partner's), with the table they are going to sit at indicated? Your nearest and dearest will be moved by it and will keep an additional, exciting memory of your wedding!

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