Getting married in Verona: the 5 most beautiful churches for a Verona wedding

getting married verona 5 most beautiful churches Verona wedding

Verona, a romantic city loved all over the world, a symbol of the love story between Romeo and Juliet is undoubtedly coveted by future brides and grooms. Marriage is a very important moment in every person's life, an event that marks a decisive turning point. Sometimes this takes place in the church, a place that is a symbol par excellence of faith and feelings. In Italy there are numerous beautiful churches where to get married, each with its own charm and magical atmosphere. But in which churches to get married? Here are the most beautiful churches in Verona.

The cathedral of Verona

Among the most beautiful churches in Verona, those overlooking the city's main squares undoubtedly stand out: the cathedral, the basilica of San Zeno Maggiore, the church of Santa Maria in Organo and the Scrovegni Chapel. Of these, the cathedral is certainly the most famous, with its majestic Romanesque interior and magnificent rose window. The Gothic-style facade dates back to the 13th century and features numerous roses, the symbol of the city. The interior houses valuable works of art including the Deposition of Christ by Jacopo Tintoretto. Finding it available for your desired date is a real stroke of luck since the list to get married in the Cathedral in Verona is really long; the baptistery of San Giovanni in Fonte located just after crossing the entrance door is in Romanesque style like other details of the religious building.

Church of San Fermo Maggiore

This is one of the oldest churches in Verona, founded in the 6th century. The facade is richly decorated with statues and bas-reliefs and is a veritable treasure trove of art treasures. Inside, the church holds numerous paintings and works of art including Michelangelo's Crucifix and Titian's Ascension Altarpiece. It is also located in the heart of Verona, right in the center just a stone's throw from the house with Juliet's balcony. The mix of Gothic and Roman art highlights the antiquity of the building, which is certainly one of the oldest in the city for the category of churches.

Church of Sant'Anastasia

St. Anastasia Church. Built in the 13th century, St. Anastasia is one of the largest churches in Verona. The façade features three finely carved marble portals, and the interior contains works of art such as Giovanni Bellini's Polyptych of the Trinity and the Tomb of the Scaligeri. With its very special interior, it lends itself to memorable shots that can make your wedding even more unforgettable; a majestic style surely perfect for those looking for a flashy yet heartfelt wedding. The special feature? The original 15th-century white, black and red floors.

Church of San Zeno

The Basilica of San Zeno is definitely perfect for those who want to get married in Verona; among the perfect churches in Verona where to get married is this religious building. One of its curiosities? It is divided into "three churches", one coinciding with the lower church, one with the upper church and the crypt with the saint's remains inside. Why choose it for your wedding in Verona? On the outside, a splendid rose window turns into a wheel of fortune that can be a magnificent backdrop for some shots; inside, on the other hand, it boasts a mystical atmosphere.

Church of Sant'Eufemia

Among the churches to get married in Verona is also Sant'Eufemia: it is located in the center and has a different design from the previous ones. Gothic in style with a truly incredible facade, it reveals a 17th-century interior that amazes and leaves art lovers breathless. On the sides are many chapels and each has its own altar. Obviously for a wedding you will use the central altar, which is also the brightest.

Take advantage of the church for unique photos

Getting married in the church is a tradition; the photographer carefully captures every special moment and even a few stolen glances. But what are the most meaningful and requested shots? Getting married in a church is a very important moment, not only for the religious ceremony but also for all the shots that are taken on that occasion. The photographer must be careful to capture every special moment, but also the most spontaneous expressions of the bride and groom and their guests. Relying on an experienced photographer is most important, that way you will be sure to keep wonderful memories of your most beautiful day. If you want unforgettable photographs contact me, I am Matteo Braghetta, a wedding photographer in Verona with many years of experience in the field.

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