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Although many people think that photographs focus mainly on the bride, the groom plays a key role. That is why the most professional wedding photographers tend to devote proper time to both protagonists of the big day, but in some cases due to lack of time they decide to split up by having part of the team be at the bride's house and another part go to the groom instead. The groom's preparation photographs are taken at home, among friends and relatives who actively and enthusiastically participate in the moment: the photographer's task is precisely to capture the most exciting moments, the looks and, of course, the most iconic shots. The wedding photo shoot, especially the reportage-style one, is made up of real, non-posed moments: the photographer will be almost an invisible presence in the groom's home and will steal the most important moments, all those glances that will remain so indelible.

Of course, everyone present will focus on the bride as she gets ready for the big day, but the groom should not be forgotten! It is important to go to the groom's house on the morning of the ceremony and take photos not only of the groom but also of the immediate family members.

Groom photos at home: the shots to take during the preparation

The big day is approaching and the groom is struggling with the thousand things to do. But among them all, there is one that cannot be put off: the photos to be taken at home with his family and close friends. These are important moments, where they share the excitement of anticipation and prepare for the big event. Here are some tips for capturing them at their best!

More and more couples are choosing to have a photo shoot before the wedding ceremony. Especially the bride and groom want to have a tangible memory of the preparation, to capture those unique moments leading up to the big event. Photos of the groom in preparation are very emotional because they tell the story of a man preparing to become a husband. They are usually taken in the groom's home, where family and friends visit him to help him get dressed or take some fun shots. The looks of the guests are always moved as the groom allows himself a few moments of relaxation before facing the big commitment.

What are the photographs that most enhance the groom in preparation for the ceremony? Definitely the preparation photo, the one where you see the groom intent on arranging his suit, hair, and tie. It is a very intense moment, where all eyes are on him and where there is a magical atmosphere. Mom helping her son, friends giving him one last piece of advice - all this makes these shots unique.

Emotions in the groom's home are just as tangible as those in the bride's home: we have already told you what photographs should be taken of the bride when she is still at home before the ceremony, and the moments are not much different for him. The details of the outfit, the exciting moments with relatives, the smiles and looks. It is important to focus not only on the bride but also on the groom on the morning of the ceremony. Going to the groom's house and taking photos, not only of the groom, but also of close family members is a way to preserve lasting memories of that special day.

If we have intrigued you and you think you want an exciting reportage style photo shoot for your wedding contact me, my name is Matteo Braghetta and I will be happy to work out a personalized quote for your most beautiful day.

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