How to choose a wedding album

how to choose a wedding album

One of the greatest satisfactions a wedding photographer can experience with a wedding couple is the moment when the box opens and the album made for the occasion appears in all its importance.

It is a splendid moment for everyone involved.

For the couple, who touch the work done, flip through the pages and relive with sight and touch moments of a memorable day.

For the photographer, who finds in the printing of the album the right ending to the story.

The completion of a work that, otherwise, would not be as beautiful and exciting.

The question I am often asked by my couples is "how to choose a wedding album?"

Printing a wedding album is a choice that is increasingly returning among couples.

The quality achieved by photographic prints as well as fine art prints has raised the level of realization a great deal

Let's forget the "old-fashioned" albums, those with tissue between the pages and photographs glued to the sheets.

Today we are talking about photographic printing applied directly to the semi-rigid structure of the page. The result is an indissoluble, flawless set, splendid to leaf through and able to indulge a wide variety of tastes.

It all begins after receiving the developed photo shoot: what I ask my couples to do is to choose the photographs they feel are most important and meaningful. The goal? To tell the story of the entire day, from the preparations to the late evening celebration.

The choice normally ranges from 60 to 90 photographs. The greater the number of photographs, the more pages printed and consequently the overall cost of the album will increase.

Once you have selected the photographs you would like to compose your wedding album, I will devote myself to the layout of the photographs, looking for the right compromise between large, full-page printed photographs and compositions of images capable of telling sequences and special moments.

The result should be a harmonious, exciting flow that tells the story of your wedding day in the best possible way.

The topical moments will be emphasized, and you will correct the story with the details you have thought long and hard about in the months of preparation.

I am often asked if I can also make smaller albums that can be given, for example, to the families of the bride and groom.

It is possible to make coordinated products, varying only the final size of the products.

As well as making different layouts, combining your album with a magazine format or a box of fine art prints.

What matters, from my point of view, is always just watching you as you flip through your wedding album for the first time.

Seeing you smile as you relive those moments is what makes me think this is the most beautiful craft in the world.

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