Midweek wedding: 5 reasons not to get married on the weekend

midweek wedding 5 reasons not to get married on the weekend

Let's face it: there are 52 weekends in a year, and there are thousands of young couples who want to get married. This figure alone would be enough to convince you that planning midweek weddings is infinitely easier, than scheduling them on weekends.

But if you are not fond of numbers and need convincing arguments, here are 5 good reasons to get married between Monday and Friday.

You'll be able to spend a lot less

Planning a wedding means putting your hand in your wallet and bottoming it out. Choosing midweek weddings, on the other hand, allows you to save some money, which you can invest in the most beautiful honeymoon you ever hoped for.

Yep, venue rental costs during the week are significantly lower than what they might cost you on the weekend-think, you can spend up to 30 percent less! Same goes for catering companies, florists and the photographer, who, in order to work even on weekdays, will be willing to give you a significant reduction in price.

You will have the opportunity to choose just the date you want

Partly out of tradition, partly out of custom, most newlyweds will go on a Saturday and Sunday boarding party, especially in the months of May, June, July and December. This means that to secure just that weekend, you will have to book your wedding at least a couple of years in advance. Too many, don't you think?

The midweek wedding, on the other hand, allows you to arrange everything even at the last minute and, most importantly, you will have the opportunity to choose just the date you want, perhaps the date of your meeting or first kiss or the date you decided to swear eternal love to each other. Don't you find this a romantic idea?

You will enjoy all the space you want for your reception

By marrying in the middle of the week, yours will most likely be the only wedding held at the venue. This means that you won't have to share space with anyone else and that all the staff will be exclusively at your service. And that it will be much more relaxed, ready to cater to your guests' every request!

Also, since there are no other receptions booked for the same day, you won't have to end the celebration at a specific time, but can continue celebrating to the bitter end with your guests, perhaps even well into the night.

You'll keep many of your guests happy

Despite your legitimate worries about the work commitments of family and friends, know that a nice midweek wedding turns into a tasty opportunity for them, too, who will be able to take an unexpected day off and thus break the work routine.

Also, consider that many people now work shifts, perhaps even weekends, so even in case you get married on the weekend, they would still have to resort to taking leave. And if you really fear some major defections, let them know the time of the cake cutting: you'll give those who just can't be absent from work a chance to drop in for a toast with the newlyweds!

You'll have the opportunity to continue the celebration into the weekend as well

Finally, keep in mind that you only get married once, or at least you hope so, so why not extend the celebration into the weekend as well? By marrying on a Thursday or Friday, you would have the opportunity to organize something less formal with less close friends or co-workers or even friends from the gym!

Then if your guests are coming from far away, you could involve them in staying at your wedding venue and share the weekend with them, during which you would improvise as a cicerone and accompany them to discover your city. A great way to end your midweek wedding festivities, don't you think?

So, if you plan to get married in the middle of the week, know that you won't have to justify yourself to anyone: there are many reasons to do so, those who love you will find nothing to say about it, and they will certainly find a way not to give up on your wedding!

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