Original guest book: 7 curious and fun ideas

original guest book 7 curious and fun ideas

Who said you have to resort to the traditional Guest Book? Thanks to creativity and technology, today you can opt for a far more modern Guest Book, which is original and sure to be successful.

An original Guest Book is not only the easiest way to allow your guests to express their affection for you, but it can also turn into a real entertainment opportunity during the wedding reception: indeed, the more original it is, the more fun it will be!

7 suggestions for an original Guest Book

How should Guest Book be original, colorful, technological or creative? It doesn't matter, as long as it's unusual!Colorful as fingerprints-cheap and fun, this option allows you to decide whether to purchase a special painting with a subject of your choice or leave it up to your guests, opting for a blank canvas. After that, provide your guests with paints, in which to dip their fingers, and ask them to put their fingerprints on it, perhaps overwriting their own names. The result will be lively and joyful!

As complex as a puzzle - this proposal is really fun and will look great in your living room! Buy a blank jigsaw puzzle, without any design, break it down and arrange all the pieces in an elegant glass jar. Then, invite your guests to sign a puzzle piece or put a small dedication on it. When everyone has done so, have fun putting it back together-you'll have your guests all there, together, once again.

Quirky as an object - have you decorated your home with designer objects? They could embellish it even more if all the signatures of your wedding guests are there! Anything will do: vases, musical instruments, small side tables, wooden masks, even lamps and mirrors! Then if you have a hobby or passion, make use of it: a ball or your hiking backpack will be perfect once filled with signatures!

Basic like messages on pebbles - if you love Zen style, you'll find this idea really super: arrange small, flat white river pebbles on a small table and invite your guests to sign, draw or write a small dedication on them. Then, have them place them on a plate with an essential look and use it as a design object. An original Guest Book made just for you, who doesn't like conventions.

As creative as a Polaroid photo - if you are very young, you probably don't even know what a Polaroid is, but it doesn't matter: because this Guest Book will entertain everyone from great-grandparents to little cousins! Leave your guests with a Polaroid camera and the freedom to immortalize themselves. Then, ask them to put a dedication, a thought, a wish or even just their signature behind the photograph. Afterwards, you can carefully store them in the keepsake drawer or place them in an album.

Technological as a video - if you love technology, how about a nice video collecting all the dedications of your dearest ones? Drop off a tablet and ask your guests to videotape themselves singing, dancing, reading a dedication or simply sending you a greeting. Then, edit all these clips into one video. It will be a truly original Guest Book!

Virtual as the Net - if social is your life, know that in the age of telecommuting and dematerialized recipes, there is also the original Guest Boog for you: create a wedding party hashtag and invite your guests to post photos and videos of your reception. Not only will you have it available to you at all times, but it will also remain at the fingertips of all the colors that helped make it happen.

As you can see, there are many ideas. But consider them carefully, because in the years to come your original Guest Book will be the most valuable ally in bringing back the most overwhelming emotions of your wedding.

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