Perfect wedding album: 5 tips to take home the shots of your dreams

perfect wedding album 5 tips to take home the shots of your dreams

Worried about your wedding photo shoot? You don't have to. A few little tricks and you too can have a perfect wedding album.

Let's dispel a myth right away: the perfect wedding album does not exist. There is only the one capable of evoking in the years to come all the emotion and happiness of the day you said Yes. So here are the top 5 tips to ensure you have a wedding album that can speak volumes about you, your partner and your love.

Talk to your Photographer

A good rapport with the professional to whom you will entrust the memory of the most important day of your life is essential. Communicate to him clearly what you want, which moments you want him to devote the most attention to, and the result you expect. Make it clear in advance whether you want him to be present and involved in the celebrations or whether you prefer a more reserved approach, pinpointing precisely the moments whose memory you want to keep alive.

With the occasion, know that now is the time to let him know if you would also like photographs as you prepare for the big day, whether you plan to schedule a pre-wedding photo shoot or a crazy Trash the Dress, in which even though you are dressed as a bride, you can go wild, without any regard for your dress.

Identify the style of the shots

With your trusted photographer, you'd better clarify beforehand what the style of the photo shoot should be. Posed or spontaneous, he will accommodate you. Know that if you want posed shots, you will have to agree with him on the moments when you will take the photos, calling from time to time the guests you want to be immortalized with. Otherwise, the professional will take care of fixing in your memory the most exciting moments of your Wedding, choosing them from those that you and your guests will unknowingly stage.

And while you're at it, also determine whether the photographs should be in color, vivid and realistic, or in black and white, for an elegant effect with a vaguely vintage flavor.

Have fun

Remember that it's your Wedding day, so the best thing you can do to have a perfect Wedding album is to have fun. That's the only way you can get exciting shots and ensure those moving memories you want.

It doesn't matter whether you chose a posed or reportage style wedding photo shoot: it is essential that you don't feel pressured, stiff, controlled. Let go and give space to your emotions: because more than the beauty of your wedding dress, they will be the ones you will want to remember in the years to come!

Select the most salient moments

When everything is over and the time comes to choose the best shots to include in your perfect wedding album, it will be your turn to choose the most meaningful photos. Try to make sure that every moment of your wedding, from arriving at the church to cutting the cake, is effectively portrayed.

And of course, make sure that all your guests are present in the shots you select-you don't want to realize only when the job is done that you don't have a single photo of your best friend, right?

Choose the format

Traditional wedding album or photo book? Once upon a time this dilemma did not exist, but today you have one more option. In addition to the typical wedding album, with the best shots glued on the pages and protected by a transparent plastic veil, today you can make use of photo books, which are more modern and pleasant to the touch, in which the images are printed directly on the pages. An original wedding album and definitely suitable for younger couples!

As for the format, on the other hand, you will be able to choose between the square one, the vertical rectangular one and the horizontal rectangular one, the so-called "panoramic".

But this last detail will matter less for your perfect wedding album: what will really count will be the emotions and smiles of those who shared with you the day of your Yes, immortalized forever in the best photographs of your wedding.

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