Pre-wedding photo shoot – why do it?

pre-wedding photo shoot why do it

One of the most popular questions these days is definitely about the pre-wedding photo shoot: why do it?

There are many variations of this service.

From the one set in a location chosen by the photographer, with the aim of guiding the couple through more or less sophisticated poses

To the more traditional one that involves following the bride and groom during a walk in a forest, or in a meadow, or in a city center, to set some "stolen" shots of the day.

I do not make any judgments of merit about one choice or another, because I find that each taste should be respected, both that of the bride and groom and that of the photographer.

As a wedding photographer, having the opportunity to be able to spend time with a bride and groom-to-be is one of the best things that can happen to me.

I get a chance to get to know you better, to hear your story. To see you interact and make you understand that there is no need to pose for the photo to be successful.

In fact, the less you search for a pose, the less you focus on a specific movement, the more elegant the result.

Natural, exciting, engaging, and above all, simple.

Not only that, portraying yourself during an afternoon a few weeks away from the big day will give you a better understanding that that black, menacing object pointed at you does nothing to you!

It is a working tool with one great desire.

To immortalize your feeling, to freeze your feelings in a snapshot, letting them emerge spontaneously.

Becoming familiar with the photographer's presence is very important. I am not a judge ready to pass judgment on your ability to stand in front of the camera.

I would like to be much closer to a friend, a long-time acquaintance or your accomplice on the most important day of your life.

Don't let shyness triumph-it will be a different afternoon than usual, and the photographs we take will leave your friends speechless.

Are you ready for your pre-wedding photo shoot?

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