Proposal of marriage in the Arena of Verona. Can it be done?

wedding proposal arena verona

The marriage proposal is no longer something basic and boring; no more of that ring suddenly pulled out at a restaurant dinner or a family lunch: today we go big and do everything to impress. Men traditionally get down on their knees in front of their beloved and ask for her hand in marriage, but the proposal needs to be organized in a big way, and there are lots of original ideas popping up. But what do you think about proposing in the Arena of Verona? This is something absolutely extraordinary that we have seen in the last year.

Getting married in Verona is undoubtedly a dream for many couples, but also declaring and exchanging a promise here in the city of love is definitely a good idea.

Marriage proposals in Verona's Arena

It was more than one hundred years of the Opera Festival at the Arena of Verona before we saw a dream marriage proposal on stage in front of more than eighty thousand spectators. Who knows how Sergio Garcia, a young man in love who asked his fiancée Irene Lopez to marry him during a performance of Carmen, must have felt.

This is not the only couple, however: just in July during Bolle and Friends, the prima ballerina of La Scala Timofej Andrijashenko asked his beloved Nicoletta Manni, also a prima ballerina, to marry him. A scene that made the most romantic lovers' hearts flutter. The video made the rounds on social media.

But these are certainly not the only episodes: on TikTok there are many videos of couples who, especially during concerts, kneel and swear eternal love to each other by exchanging a ring.

Marriage proposal in Verona's Arena: can it be done?

Surely it is complicated to do what Sergio Garcia did during an event but there are alternatives. If you would like to ask the hand of the one you love right in the heart of Verona at one of the most striking monuments there are options: you can do it during the day, buying the regular ticket during a trip or excursion out of town.

Or you can buy a concert ticket and right during one of your favorite songs propose. These are the possibilities for making a marriage proposal at the Arena di Verona… the bravest might even ask the press office or social media of a singer and ask to be allowed to surprise on stage: some have done it, just think of the Nuclear Tactical Penguins who lent part of the stage during a concert just for a declaration of love.

How to plan a perfect romantic marriage proposal

Before you get ready to propose to your loved one, make sure you have everything planned out. To do this, you must first understand what your partner likes and dislikes. You also need to know your partner's family background, as this will help you decide the place, time and other details of the proposal. Another important thing to keep in mind is to keep your partner waiting. If your partner has been asking you to marry him or her for a long time, and if you have been putting it off for some reason, it is likely that he or she has already guessed that you will soon propose to him or her. So, you must try to keep the element of surprise intact.There are many things to keep in mind when buying an engagement ring for your partner. You have to decide the type of ring you want to buy: diamond, platinum, silver or gold. You also have to decide on the size of the ring and the design of the ring. In addition to all this, you also have to keep in mind your partner's financial situation when purchasing the ring. You also have to keep in mind that the ring you buy should be in accordance with your partner's style and personality. Once you have purchased the ring, you must store it carefully. The last thing you want is for the ring to be damaged before the big day. You can store it in a box or keep it in your pocket.

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