Provencal Style Wedding: retro taste and romance to no end

provencal style wedding retro taste and romance

When you think of Provence, what comes to mind? That's right, expanses as far as the eye can see of lavender, whose unmistakable color suggests romance and simplicity. And that's exactly how a Provencal-style wedding will be, simple and romantic!

A little bit retro, a little bit chabby, a little bit country chic, the Provence-themed wedding is your wedding style if you love simple things but don't want to give up sophistication and elegance. The location, therefore, should give off a bucolic atmosphere, which you can enrich and make unique by setting it up with candles, floral decorations, vases, ceramics, wood and, of course, lots of lavender.

What is the location for a Provencal style wedding? The one away from modernity! Ancient villages, aristocratic residences, typical Salento farms or old farmhouses are perfect, and if you choose to get married with a religious rite, opt for a small country church, which can anticipate to your guests the atmosphere that will characterize the reception.

Provencal style wedding: intimacy and romance

To work, a Provencal-themed wedding does not have to accommodate hundreds and hundreds of guests. Intimacy is the watchword, and with a small number of guests, you can easily recreate that romantic and intimate setting you desire.

An outdoor reception is a must, also because the highlight of a Provencal-style wedding are the flowers, which should be everywhere and intoxicate the venue with their scent, just as there should be no shortage of vintage elements, emphasizing the retro flavor of the event.

So go ahead and abound with linen or cotton fabrics, pillows and drapes, antique picture frames, wooden boxes and straw bales that evoke country life. Although vintage-flavored furniture is essential, you can also decorate the trees with cute aviaries, old lanterns and ribbons to match the color chosen for the wedding theme. And don't forget to scatter the venue with a myriad of scented candles for a romantic and dreamy effect.

The colors of a Provencal style wedding are subdued: ivory white, cream or antique pink will be the perfect shades, over which will stand out, the true star of the event, the lavender color, which can peep out from the centerpieces, tableau, bride's bouquet and wedding favors.

Last but not least, a Provencal style wedding ensures you a truly scenic set for your photo shoot. Rely on a professional photographer: he will take care of capturing your most intense and authentic moments, in the most romantic lavender scenery you could ever imagine!

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