Spring wedding: why it is the perfect season

spring wedding

If you are about to get married and are pondering which season is best, surely a Spring Wedding must have occurred to you. Bravo, good choice! Mind you, there is nothing wrong with winter weddings under the snow or summer weddings, maybe at the beach, in fact they are glamorous and trendy, but weddings under the warm April sun or in the explosion of colors offered by May are a timeless classic.

In addition, a Spring Wedding offers another no small advantage: that of being able to enjoy near-perfect weather, with which you can indulge in the dress of your dreams, have a wide range of venues at your disposal, and be able to play with flowers and colors, making your wedding cheerful and joyful.

But let's start from the beginning: your wedding dress.

Spring wedding: which dress to choose?

The answer to this question can be one and only one: yours! On your wedding day it will be neither too hot nor too cold, so you can afford anything. Tulle, organza, and silk chiffon will be perfect for making princely gowns, but they can also embellish more straightforward wedding dresses, where the eye-catcher will be the details and accessories. Which in a Spring Wedding can only be flowers!

Another advantage of the spring weather is that you will be able to dare with low-cut dresses and bare shoulders, at most barely covered, during the church ceremony, by a soft veil, obviously embellished with embroidered little flowers. Then if you have a free spirit and nonconformist, why not think about a printed dress with floral motifs? You will look perfect next to your betrothed, who for the occasion can sport in his buttonhole the same flower that you have printed on the dress.

Colors for a spring wedding

Assuming that total white is perfect in any season, so even in spring, the color palette for this wedding theme will play on light and soft colors, such as pink, lavender, yellow, mint green, light blue. They recall the season and communicate freshness and elegance, exactly what you want for your wedding.

This color can be the flowers in your bouquet, as well as those that will be camping on centerpieces or scattered around the venue, to liven up the ambiance. Remember that once you have chosen your wedding color, you will have to decline in the same nuance wedding favors, tableau de marriage, wedding invitations, confetti and, why not, wedding cake. Of course, you won't be forced to use just one color: play with them, mix them, try them side by side and find the right combination for your Spring Wedding.

Which flowers to choose for the wedding?

The absolute star of your wedding will be you, but as you may have guessed, in a Spring Wedding flowers are your co-stars. And you will have no problem choosing your favorite flower or the one that most represents you. It's Spring, nature is awakening, and your trusted florist can offer you a wide range of varieties from which to find the right flower for you.

In recent years peonies have secured a privileged place in the hearts of brides, but you can also opt for elegant hydrangeas, refined roses, bucolic ranunculus or poetic tulips. It all depends on you and the imprint you want to give to your Spring wedding. You will certainly be the most beautiful flower, but don't underestimate the magic of colors offered by nature!

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