The family photographs that can never be missed

the family photograps that can never be missed

One of the questions I am asked most often during meetings with my future spouses concerns the family photos that "cannot be missed" within a wedding photo shoot.

There are a number of appointments that I feel are essential in the course of your day, or at least that I particularly care about, because they help to tell the story of your wedding in the best possible way.

The dad's greeting

One of the first portraits that can trigger strong emotions is undoubtedly the father's greeting to the bride. Being accompanied by one's dad all the way down the aisle is in itself a magical moment, full of emotion and adrenaline, and being able to rely on his arm to better support oneself provides a great feeling of security. Once they reach the altar, the kiss between the bride and her father is an instant to be immortalized, because it encapsulates in one image your wonderful relationship and the love you give off for each other.

Your family

One of the biggest worries of your family members and guests is going home from your wedding without a photograph with you.

This will not happen, I guarantee it! Portraits with your families and guests are a must within wedding photojournalism. These are moments to be taken on location, taking advantage of the setting you will have chosen for your reception. All together, further cementing a relationship that is becoming more mature and engaging.

Grandmother's Greeting

The intersection of multiple generations is another incredible moment.

They have raised you, been there all the time, giving you often unconditional love, having eyes only for you. The relationship with grandparents is special, and receiving their blessing on your wedding day is a special moment.

On all fours is better!

Those who are lucky enough to have within their household a dog know this. They are indispensable elements of the family, they complete it and are 100% a part of it. Having them with you on your wedding day will allow you to be able to have wonderful pictures in their company. They will be happy and a part of the celebration, and you will keep a wonderful memory forever.

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