The must-have moments of a wedding photo shoot

the must have moments of a wedding photo shoot

To produce a wedding photo shoot is, in fact, to tell the story of your wedding to the fullest.

Capturing its details, nuances, giving due importance to all the moments of the day.

While knowing that every wedding is different, there are "fixed" dates that are repeated. It is important to know them in order to ensure the best photographs, devoting the right planning and time to them.

Let's find out together what are the must-do moments of a wedding photo shoot.

The bride and groom's preparations

When I meet with my couples, I tend to emphasize the importance of the preparations within a wedding photo shoot.

These are very special moments, often experienced together with your families or your groomsmen and bridesmaids. But above all, moments where you do not yet have your future husband, or your future wife, next to you. And it is this element that makes the difference during the whole day: the emotion you are experiencing is exclusively yours and those who are helping you in the preparation.
It can only be told if you have given me the opportunity to photograph you as the hairdresser finishes her work, and the makeup artist finishes the last details before the dress is put on, or as one of your family members arranges the boutonniere on your jacket lapel.

It is a moment of true joy, and you will be thrilled to see each other again in their respective situations, excited and detail-oriented as you should be.

Arrival at the ceremony

One of my favorite moments, and one that often excites my couples, is the arrival of the bride for the ceremony.

It is fractions of a second, those moments between the car engine stopping and the first shoe hitting the ground outside the car.

It is in those moments that I find the tension, the excitement, the longing and the happiness of every bride, now more than ever the center of attention, waiting for a familiar hand to hold her tightly, accompanying her to her partner.

During the ceremony, whether civil or religious, the moments that absolutely cannot be missed are the exchange of rings and the kiss you will exchange after the declaration of union in marriage.

A few photos just for you

After the ceremony, having completed the ritual photographs with the guests, we will agree together on a moment to carve out, whether it is at the location or on the way from the ceremony venue to the reception.

There are no written rules, and what I love to do is to let you be yourselves, interacting with each other, free to express yourselves in the utmost serenity. I will be there close by, ready to guide you if necessary, capturing your looks and actions, and rejoicing with you in the magic of a crazy moment.

They will be unique photographs, the flagship of the entire photo shoot and the beating heart of your wedding album.

The Party

As the day draws to a close, the desire to celebrate with your friends is unleashed. The party itself is a happy time, and your guests will be thrilled to enjoy good music and a few drinks to close out an unforgettable day in the best way possible.

And you? Bundle up for the first dance to introduce the start of the celebration!

Knowing what are the must-have moments of a wedding photo shoot can be helpful for you not to miss precious moments of your big day.

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