Vegan wedding: all the tips for an eco-friendly and cruelty-free wedding

vegan wedding all the tips for an eco-friendly and cruelty-free wedding

Are you and your partner vegan and wondering if it is possible to plan a wedding without displeasing anyone? Well, there's good news for you: you can do it, and without having to give up your ethics and values.

As for the location, you don't even need to be talking about it: you will obviously feel comfortable only in a bucolic setting, surrounded by nature and far from glitz and glitter. Beaches, forests, countryside, lakes, any place will do, as long as it allows consistency with your lifestyle.

And for everything else? Here are some tips for a successful vegan wedding.

Vegan Wedding: all the tips for an eco-friendly and cruelty-free wedding

By following a vegan lifestyle, you certainly won't have fur coats, leather belts, or silk dresses in your closet. Well, you don't have to betray your principles, even on your Yes Day!

By now, the market offers many eco-chic solutions that are right for you: linen, hemp, but also dresses made from so-called "peace silk," the only one that does not harm silkworms, will meet your needs for elegance and ethics.

For church and venue arrangements, however, opt for seasonal flowers. But if you prefer something with a strong visual impact, you could resort to nice baskets, enriched with organic fruit and vegetable arrangements.

For wedding favors, on the other hand, you can indulge yourself with small gastronomic proposals: delicate ampoules of organic oil, small bags filled with lentils, packages of wine doughnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, the possibilities are really so many. All you have to do is create elegant packages and you're done!

Vegan Wedding men? Lots of delicacies, zero kilometers!

Planning a vegan wedding is not particularly complicated, but it's when you move on to the menu that it gets tricky. Know as of now that most catering services will try to change your mind, citing your guests' tastes as an excuse, but don't be intimidated. You can satisfy your guests even with a vegan-style wedding menu.

Even if you appreciate them a lot and make great use of them in your cooking, it's best to avoid tofu and seitan: they are special foods and not everyone might appreciate their flavor and texture. But don't give up and lean toward dishes made with legumes and vegetables, organic and zero-mile, of course. Everyone will appreciate them.

A few examples of vegan wedding menus

For appetizers, you could ask for a buffet with seasonal vegetables, cous cous, salads enriched with spelt and barley, but also flans made with zucchini, carrots, mushrooms and broccoli. Then, if you are getting married in winter, ask for polenta sticks, which will be perfect to accompany barley soups and eggplant meatballs. Of course, don't forget assorted bruschetta and cheese boards, strictly vegan.

For first courses, you can easily draw on our country's culinary tradition: mushroom or zucchini risottos, spinach-filled vegan lasagna, and eggplant and almond gnocchetti will satisfy every palate, while if it's cold you can resort to the large number of soups that characterize vegan cuisine.

And for the main course? Soy chunks, potato cakes and stuffed vegetables will take you out of embarrassment, but why not also venture for a tempeh stew or bean patties?

Wedding cake and invitations: between tradition and innovation

For the vegan wedding cake, on the other hand, turn to your trusted bakery and order a very elegant naked-cake, eggless of course, which covered with chocolate will look great at the time of the fateful cake cutting. Vegan cookies, samples of vegan cheesecake, mousses and fruit salads will complete the dessert table at your vegan wedding.

And don't make any sloppy mistakes: yours is a green wedding, so forget the traditional invitations and save the lives of quite a few trees. Send your guests emails inviting them to your wedding or, if you're not too shy, a nice video, in which you and your partner communicate the big news and all the details so they can share in your happiness. It will be a real success!

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