Wedding details not to be forgotten

wedding details not to be forgotten

The bride's dress is no longer the real star of the party. Today, the wedding details to pay attention to are mainly about the sense of hospitality and attention to your guests.

Are you beginning your wedding preparations? Don't forget to pay attention to the most impactful wedding details to impress your guests and leave them with a lasting memory of the best day of your life.

Accouterments that can range from those related to logistics, to colorful details to liven up the venue arrangements. There can be so many original wedding ideas, and trust me, you can stop thinking about invitations, flowers and Guestbook right now: no one will remember that. On the contrary, a series of elegant and impressive wedding details will ensure that your wedding will be talked about for a very long time.

Wedding details: 5 original ideas for amazing wedding

Regardless of personal taste, original wedding details that can amaze your guests are those that elegantly combine originality and elegance, without having to expire in absolute glitz. Any ideas? Read on!

Wedding Bag - what is it all about? A simple free gift for your guests, with everything they need to have a pleasant day at your wedding.
If your wedding is in the summer, you could help your guests cope better with the heat with a small fan, a parasol or, if you are getting married at the beach, a bikini, some comfortable beach slippers or a handy pair of sunglasses. Otherwise, if your wedding will take place in winter, you could opt for soft, warm gloves, which will be very useful for enduring the typical frost that you experience in churches.

Gastronomic corners - even if you've always dreamed of the classic wedding lunch, don't underestimate the impact of the characteristic gastronomic corners, perhaps reserved for sweets: you'll just need to set up a Candy Bar, elegantly set up, and fill it with sweets, candies and, of course, sugared almonds.
The idea will also be perfect for offering aperitifs: a simple wooden counter will be ideal for serving alcohol and fruit cocktails to whet the appetite of all your guests. And after the cake is cut, it will be the gathering point for everyone who wants to continue celebrating!

Thematic signs - if the location is large, why not scatter some nice signs to indicate the location of the ceremony, party or restrooms? A colorful and customizable wedding detail that can easily be embellished with decorative elements consistent with the wedding theme.
Children's entertainment - want to give your guests a day of celebration? Relieve them of having to deal with bored and nervous children by arranging fun entertainment for the little ones. They will all thank you, young and old!
Flip-flops for the guests - if you want to go wild all night long, dancing with your friends and your new groom, place a basket full of flip-flops in a corner of the venue and give your guests a chance to take off their 12 heels and dance nonstop until late!
As you can see, it really takes very little to make your wedding the event of the year!

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