Wedding picnic: a spirited, lively and youthful solution for your wedding

wedding picnic a spirited lively and youthful solution for your wedding

Among the eco-chic options for your wedding, here is the Wedding Picnic: elegant and refined, it will allow you to be able to give up without remorse the heels and the glitz that does not represent you.

If you don't love glitzy dresses and high heels, but especially if you really don't want to know about a glitzy, cast-off wedding, then the Wedding Picnic is for you! You can share your Yes Day with your guests outdoors, surrounded by nature and your signature simplicity. And without having to give up elegance, which is essential to enhance your happiness to the fullest.

How to organize a wedding picnic

The Wedding Picnic is not only a unique opportunity to remain who you are even on your wedding day, but it also offers you the priceless opportunity to save some money. Maybe for your honeymoon! In fact, the costs of this type of wedding are significantly lower and will allow you to provide an unforgettable celebration as well as get romantic photographs to cherish for years to come.

The organization of a Wedding Picnic is simple, starting with the choice of location: gardens, perhaps with a pool, cottages in the countryside, beaches, farms surrounded by nature, any place will do, as long as it recalls an idea of simplicity and freshness.

The setting should be rustic, but without sacrificing a touch of discreet elegance. So, green light to lanterns and candles, of all shapes and sizes, placed in cheerful apparent disorder. For the mise en place, prefer unbleached cotton runners in muted colors and avoid anything too elaborate or classic. And then if you prefer something really simple and unusual, venture some nice blankets lying on the grass or on the beach, as in a real picnic: it will be an unforgettable wedding!

The perfect wedding dress for an informal reception

Choosing a Wedding Picnic means banishing everything formal and too elegant. You can therefore opt, without reservations, for a simple dress, embellished only with some romantic lace. In short, a dress that allows you to sit on the ground for a toast or pose against the trunk of a tree for a few shots of your photo book.

Of course, you'll have to avoid 12 heels: opt for a nice pair of ballet flats or jeweled sandals, which can pendant with some vintage-flavored necklace, bracelet and earring.

The wedding picnic menu

For the Wedding Picnic, typical wedding menus will definitely not do. And trust me, your guests will thank you for it!

Dishes prepared with organic, possibly zero-mile food will be perfect to enhance the bucolic atmosphere you desire, while for wines you can easily turn to local producers, asking for advice on their finest productions.

Splitting the reception into two phases could be the winning idea to bring together young and old alike. You could organize the hors d'oeuvre time by setting up different food corners, where you would provide an abundant variety of local products to be eaten standing up or on benches and ottomans scattered around the venue. The actual meal, on the other hand, you can offer on long rustic tables, as was the custom in the countryside until a few decades ago.

Don't forget to set up a corner dedicated to your wedding Guest Book: your guests will love the chance to take a photo of themselves and leave you a dedication that you can review at the end of the day (if you have the energy!).

In short, to organize a Wedding Picnic you just need to let your imagination run wild. The simpler the better. So much for formality and pageantry.

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