Wedding preparations: how to be ready for the photo shoot

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The big day is here: wedding preparations are well underway, all that is missing is the photo shoot at the bride's home. And of the groom, of course! The day will be full of emotions and smiles, but it is inevitable that everything will start from your home. In order to have a flawless and timely account of your Yes Day, it will be necessary for the photographer to be able to enter your intimacy, those quiet moments full of expectation that precede the actual celebration.

Everything will have to be perfect. Of course, the real star will be you and your moved smiles, but the environment will also help the photographer to take visually stunning photographs. So, how to prepare the house so that everything is perfect?

Wedding preparations: choosing environments

Surely you have taken care to clean up the whole house and set it up carefully, but have you thought about the room in which the bride's preparation will take place? In fact, it is here that the photographer will take the most moving photographs: while you are wearing your dress, when the hairdresser is styling your hair, and during the bridal makeup. In short, the place where you will become a real princess!

The decor will have to be kept to a minimum to allow the professional to gain the right perspective, but this does not mean making it bare. Decorate it with flowers, pillows and fabrics that can ensure that the room has the right elegance, and even leave some personal effects in plain sight so that they help express your personality. And don't forget your dress: hang it on the outside of the closet or on the wall, so that it can become the protagonist of some intimate and romantic shots.

What about the guests? Your guests won't come into the bedroom, which is reserved for mom and bridesmaids, so accommodate them in the living room, where you can set up light refreshments. Let natural light come in through the windows-it will help make the photographs more spontaneous and prevent the photographer from having to work miracles to get sharp, clean shots.

But at some point you may have to go out to get married, so also pay attention to the hallway and entrance, which you will walk through with a dreamy expression, perhaps accompanied by your father, who is more excited than you are: this is where the photographer will take the last photographs before your wedding, so make these rooms elegant and scenic, enriching them with flowers, frames and vases, possibly matching your dress and those of the bridesmaids.

Make the photo shoot at your home as natural and spontaneous as possible-there will be time for the important poses and sets. This is the real beginning of the most important adventure of your life, and it is only right that you return all your smiles and joy.

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