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If you’re looking for a wedding photographer In Padova, I’ll be happy to take you through the many architectural works of the city, such as the Basilica of Saint Anthony, the Scrovegni Chapel and the green spaces of Prato della Valle.

The city of Padova is a urban centre where history and tradition are mixed wisely: one of the city symbols is surely Palazzo del Capitanio with Its Clock Tower that overlooks Piazza dei Signori.

The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and its the unique apsis standing above the Roman-cross plant are located next to the Baptistery and the Bishop’s Palace.

As nerve centre of Veneto, Padova will be a special frame for your wedding day.

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Best wedding villas in Padova

If you love culture and art, a wedding in Padova will be like a dream come true. There are so many luxury spots in both the city and its province, you’ll be spoilt for choice. I hope my advice will help you find the right villa to celebrate the most important day of your life.

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Villa Ca’ Marcello is one of the most beautiful examples of Palladian Veneto villa. Built in the first half of XVI century by the Venetian Marcello family, it was then furnished and decorated in XIIX century with frescoes, precious furniture and distinctive paintings in stucco.

It’s surrounded by a more than 9-hectar large elegant historical garden and crossed by fascinating centuries-old trees, statues and floral arrangements.

Located in Piombino Dese, around 30km from Padova and easy to reach from Treviso too, Villa Ca’ Marcello can host your reception in the large hall on the first floor or the in the beautiful ballroom on the piano nobile.

Otherwise, why don’t you celebrate your civil wedding in the historical park in the shade of the secular trees?

Villa Spessa is a historic residence dating back to the late 15th century, a gem set in the Venetian countryside. It is, in fact, the only structure on dry land today that can boast a façade in Venetian Gothic style. The Villa is located in Carmignano di Brenta, between Padua and Vicenza, and is immersed in a rural park of two hectares. A perfect location for your most romantic shots and unforgettable outdoor reception. There are also large internal halls, finely frescoed, where you can celebrate your wedding banquet and civil wedding. Also the Barchessa of the structure, elegantly restored, is now available for your receptions. Villa Spessa is truly an enchanting place, a perfect location for a unique and refined wedding.

wedding villa ca' conti wedding photographer

If you’re looking for a truly unique villa for your wedding in Padova, you can stop in Cà Conti. Monumental V-century building, it was originally a Benedictine monastery, then the Conti family’s hunting lodge, and in conclusion the marquises Rusconi Camerini’s residence.

The villa is composed of different, wide and very lighted spaces, among which the romantic orangery stands out. Nowadays, it is a modern reception hall that can host copious receptions.

Surrounded by a formal garden cared for in every detail, it’s ideal for a welcoming buffet or an outdoor reception during the summer. In the front part of the garden, the Barchessa outhouse acts as a frame for Villa Cà Conti.

Not only is it just a wedding location in Padova, it’s also considered a true cultural symbol of the area: if you choose Villa Cà Conti, you’ll get married in an extraordinary atmosphere.

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Villa Wollemborg is located in Loreggia, between Padua, Treviso and Venice. It is a historic residence dating back to the 15th century, which contains a priceless artistic and cultural heritage within its walls. Entering its frescoed halls, you will be transported to an enchanted and timeless place, thanks to the perfectly preserved furniture dating back to the early nineteenth century. The Villa is also surrounded by a beautiful park in romantic style, full of elegant century-old trees and exotic plants. Under their foliage, you can organise your civil ceremony, shooting, and unforgettable outdoor reception. A perfect location for an elegant and refined wedding that will surprise all your guests.

Frassanelle is a historic mansion dating back to the 13th century on the slopes of the Euganean Hills. The Villa is located in Rovolon, an idyllic village between Padua and Vicenza. The location is immersed in the greenery of a lush 120-hectare park, where the typical environments of an old Veneto farm are inserted. Time seems to have stood still here: among farmyards, cellars and colonial houses, guests at the Villa can take a real step back in time. Frassanelle is a small oasis of peace and tranquillity, offering romantic views and sweet memories to all newlyweds. An informal but always elegant location, where you can experience an unforgettable wedding with your better half and your guests.

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Tenuta Villa Peggy's Tron is located between Fontaniva and Tezze sul Brenta, in the province of Padua. It is a magnificent villa dating back to the 17th century, surrounded by the gentle fields of the Veneto countryside. Immersed in a large and well-kept park, Tenuta Peggy's is the perfect setting for your ceremonies and receptions. The finely frescoed interior rooms will be the ideal setting for your elegant wedding and will delight all those gathered. Suppose you want to surprise your friends and relatives. In that case, the Tenuta also offers its characteristic cellars for the reception, where the excellent wine produced in the surrounding vineyards is still stored. A truly enchanting place in which to experience your most beautiful day.

wedding villa roberti

The splendid Villa Roberti is an elegant residence located in Brugine, between Padua and Venice. The structure boasts an enviable history and artistic heritage, a rare gem in this gentle area. Dating back to the 16th century, Villa Roberti is embraced by one of Padua's most beautiful parks. It is a green lung of no less than 5 hectares, embellished by a romantic rose garden and an iconic medieval turret, under which the bride and groom can swear eternal love. The perfect setting for fairytale events and weddings, Villa Roberti will give you a day of wonder and romance.

Walking through the halls of the building, in fact, it is impossible not to be enchanted by the beauty and variety of its rooms. From the rustic barchessa to the refined Sala degli Affreschi, this special place never ceases to fill its visitors' eyes with wonder. Villa Roberti is therefore a versatile venue, able to adapt to the bride and groom's needs, fulfilling their every wish. From traditional to boho chic weddings, every couple can celebrate their most important day here, in an authentic and never banal way.

The splendid Castello del Catajo is a majestic complex of medieval origin, also known as the Euganean Hills Palace. The structure, dating back to the 16th century, is embraced by the hills of Battaglia Terme and enjoys a breathtaking view of the gentle Veneto countryside. Rich in history and with a priceless artistic heritage, the Castello del Catajo is one of the most exclusive locations in the Padovan area to celebrate weddings and luxury events. Thanks to the variety of settings at your disposal, in fact, you can realise all your desires here. From a shabby-style wedding in the Italian garden, through a bon ton wedding in the frescoed salons, to a trendy wedding on the large panoramic terrace, Castello del Catajo will always offer the most suitable setting for your event. By marrying in this splendid location, you and your lucky guests will enjoy a unique experience, a daydream that will fill your hearts with infinite sweetness.

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The elegant Villa Emo complex soars majestically amidst the vineyards of Montecchia hill. A rare gem in the Euganean Hills park, this splendid 16th-century palace stands out for its Renaissance-style architectural beauty. From here the eye of its visitors runs gently over the valley below, enjoying a suggestive and romantic panorama. Inside Villa Emo it is possible to organise refined and princely events that will leave a sweet memory in the participants' hearts. Walking through the bucolic park or inside the luxurious frescoed halls, it is really impossible not to fall madly in love with this place. You can also celebrate the most solemn religious wedding directly on site at Villa Emo, requesting access to the complex's ancient chapel. Finally, at the end of your splendid day, you and your closest friends can continue your stay inside the mansion, spending the night in one of the historic rooms in the main building.

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The elegant Villa dei Vescovi is a splendid structure in late Renaissance style set in the park of the Euganean Hills. The complex is located in Luvigliano, a hamlet of Torreglia, in the gentle province of Padua. Dating back to the 16th century, the mansion is now a museum and a popular location for weddings and private events. Villa dei Vescovi is distinguished by its elegance and simplicity. Built on a large terrace, it stands majestically among the local vineyards. Thanks to its clean and well-kept architecture, it enchants its visitors, offering them moments of pure relaxation. The complex also features an elegant Italian-style garden, embraced by four monumental portals, the perfect backdrop for princely shots. However, the Villa's true pride is its spacious terraces and covered loggia. These spaces will provide a breathtaking view of the surrounding hills during your summer outdoor banquets. On the other hand, the large central hall will be the most suitable choice for lovers of tradition looking for a more solemn setting. The Villa dei Vescovi is truly a fairytale location, able to fulfil your every wish and give you and your guests a daydream.

The elegant Villa Papafava is a splendid neoclassical structure that is part of the Frassanelle Park. Dating back to the 19th century, the complex stands elegantly on a rise in the Euganean Hills, in Rovolon. One can enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley below, dominated by woods and cultivated fields. The structure is then embraced by a centuries-old park of haunting beauty, chosen by the bride and groom for fairytale shots and the most romantic of civil ceremonies. Walking up its gentle paths, you then reach the various buildings that make up Villa Papafava, each with its own peculiarities. You can choose, in fact, two different settings for your most beautiful day. The first is that of the bucolic Fattoria, a rustic hamlet within Frassanelle, where time seems to have stood still. On the other hand, the second is that of the Casa Colonica, in which a beautiful swimming pool stands out, perfect for young, carefree couples. Whatever your choice, we are sure Villa Papafava will not disappoint your expectations, giving you the best experience of your life.

wedding villa widmann borletti wedding photographer padova

The majestic Villa Widmann Borletti is a splendid 17th-century complex located in Bagnoli di Sopra, in the province of Padua. The structure has been officially recognised as a national monument and today hosts some of the most exclusive private and cultural events in the Veneto region. The Villa is famous for its elegance and for the great variety of spaces within it. From the intimate to the more convivial, it is always able to fulfil your every wish. At your disposal, in fact, you will find numerous rooms, each with its own peculiarities. From the bucolic garden to the trendy wine cellar, passing through the more traditional agritourism and rustic barns, it is impossible not to find the most suitable setting in Villa Widmann Borletti for your wedding. This splendid location also offers the bride and groom and their lucky guests several flats within its walls. You can therefore turn your wedding into a true romantic getaway, celebrating your union in grand style.

wedding villa pisani bolognesi scalabrin

A rare gem of the Paduan countryside, the splendid Villa Pisani Bolognesi Scalabrin is an ancient 16th-century residence. Famous for its rich artistic heritage and fascinating history, the complex is now one of the most exclusive locations in which to organise weddings and events. Versatile and rich in proposals, its interior houses elegant rooms in perfect condition. The true pride of the Villa is undoubtedly its vast garden, in which it is possible to organise aperitifs and receptions on mild summer days. Embellished with Arab-inspired hedges, statues and fountains, the garden embraces the various buildings that make up the complex. Among these, the ancient barchessa and the majestic manor house stand out for their beauty and functionality. The former, including a portico and pergola, can host large banquets, for a rustic and traditional wedding. On the other hand, the second consists of numerous frescoed rooms, in which priceless relics can be admired. The Salone dei Cesari will deeply amaze you and your guests, perfect for luxurious and exclusive events. Whatever your wedding idea, we are sure Villa Pisani Bolognesi Scalabrin will leave an indelible memory in your hearts.

The romantic Villa Casa Country is a splendid structure from the Napoleonic era, set in the lush Veneto countryside. The verdant complex is located in Bovolenta, a short distance from the region's main cities of art. Villa Casa Country is famous for its relaxed and convivial atmosphere. Surrounded by a vast park and rich orchards, it is therefore the perfect location for traditional and exquisitely rustic weddings. Within the mansion, in fact, there are bucolic corners full of life. From the romantic pond populated by ducks, to the riding school with its horses, Villa Casa Country will provide great emotions for young and old alike. However, the real highlight is the well-kept garden, in which a modern, luxurious swimming pool stands out. Around it you can organise sparkling aperitifs and summer banquets, for an event in perfect country style. Couples looking for a more classic and convivial ambience, on the other hand, will find the ideal setting for their reception in the orangery and large indoor hall. Whatever your wedding idea, you will discover in Villa Casa Country a versatile location that will make your most special day even more special.


The elegant Villa Sesso Schiavo is a unique Palladian-style residence. Built in the 16th century in Sandrigo, province of Vicenza, the structure stands out for its rich artistic heritage and extreme elegance. Framed by the gentle Venetian countryside, the majestic Villa Sesso Schiavo features a monumental loggia, in the shadow of whose columns you can celebrate your refined wedding. The complex's spaces are well cared for and will deeply move those lucky enough to enter it. In addition to the splendid manor house to admire its spectacular frescoes, Villa Sesso Schiavo also offers newlyweds the bucolic garden and the rustic barchessa. In the former you will find centuries-old trees, streams and a pond, which will gracefully frame the summer events. From the welcome drink to cutting the cake, you can enjoy a carefree day here. In the barchessa, on the other hand, you can organise a more informal and convivial banquet, sharing all your joy with your guests. From the chic to the traditional wedding, we are sure you will not be disappointed by the versatility of this splendid location.

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