Wedding Photographer Reportage. My portfolio.

I like telling a wedding in an authentic and natural way and I would love to create your reportage.

The reportage style allows me to capture completely spontaneous moments, giving the shot a unique narrating cut.

You won’t notice me, I’ll be discreet yet there through every moment of your day.

You’ll get totally natural photos that will instil authentic emotions you will cherish forever.

wedding at casa gobbato magalì and michele

Wedding at Casa Gobbato: Magalì & Michele

Wedding at Casa Gobbato: Magalì & Michele

Wedding at Villa Cà Marcello: Sara and Andrea

Sara and Andrea's wedding, in the magnificent setting of the Venetian Villa Cà Marcello

Wedding at Formentini’s Castle: Alessia and Giulio

The wedding of Alessia and Giulio, within the walls of the Formentini Castle of San Floriano del Collio

Wedding at Castello Bevilacqua: Sara and Gabriele

Sara and Gabriele's wedding, set within the historic walls of the Relais Castello Bevilacqua in Montagnana

Engagement Photoshoot in Asolo: Elena and Paolo

The engagement photo shoot of Elena and Paolo, between the walls and the alleys of Asolo, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

Engagement Photoshoot at Lake Tovel: Marta and Davide

The engagement photoshoot of Marta and Davide, in the wonderful alpine setting of Lake Tovel

Engagement in the Dolomites: Eleonora and Alessandro

The engagement photo shoot of Eleonora and Alessandro, in the woods of the Dolomites

Engagement Photoshoot in Marostica: Chiara and Gerardo

The lights of dawn and the imposing walls of Marostica as the setting for the pre-wedding service of Chiara and Gerardo

Wedding in Villa Marcello Loredan Franchin: Sara and Matteo

Sara and Matteo's wedding in the fairytale setting of Villa Marcello Loredan Franchin

Wedding in Mantova: Jasmine and Luca

The wedding of Jasmine and Luca, in the Mantuan countryside, within the walls of the Osteria n.2 in Stradella

Engagement Photoshoot in Caorle: Daniela and Alberto

Engagement photoshoot in Caorle by Daniela and Alberto, between the colors of the streets of the center and the seafront

A wedding is one of the most beautiful and most important days of a couple’s life. It’s a love pact, an exchange of promises that will last forever, and that you will always remember thanks to your wedding pictures.
A marriage’s soul is the joining of two hearts, which promise to love, respect and support each other, and an event that the couple wants to announce to the world.

This is the reason why celebrating a marriage has become a great event. From the choice of the bride’s dress and the bouquet, to the location of the wedding, up to the style of the celebration and the party’s location: nothing can be overlooked by the bride and groom.
Furthermore, inviting friends and family is very important and often complicated.
Last but not least, a wedding is also a way for the couple to express their passions, their personalities and their values. There are many wedding themes, from the classic one to the country-chic one, from the rustic one to the colorful one.
Every marriage has its on unique charm, because it is the authentic expression of the couple’s spirit.
The organization’s main purpose is to create a marvelous and significant day, full of emotions and beauty.

Therefore, the wedding pictures are essential to capture all those little details, the feelings and the most beautiful moments of the day forever.
The photoshoot must be included in the wedding’s check list. As a wedding photographer, my main mission is to create the most natural and authentic wedding storytelling, as per the couple’s wishes.

Every photoshoot has its unique style: that is why I prefer to capture spontaneous moments, as to give the pictures a once in a lifetime narrative expression.
The authenticity of the pictures is very important to me, that is why I’ll be at your side during every moment of the celebration, but with discretion and fully respecting both the couple and the guests.
The photoshoot can be done during several moments of the wedding day, starting from the bride and groom’s preparation, to the wedding’s celebration, up until the party in the desired location. I can also add some couple pictures, made in the most beautiful locations.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a religious or civil marriage, if it’s a spring or winter wedding. Every single event will be studied in detail to capture emotional, elegant and memorable pictures.

If you need a wedding photographer or a bridal photoshoot, you can ask for my wedding photoshoot services. Thanks to my extensive experience, you will be able to create your personal wedding picture album, in your favorite style.
My portfolio will show you the most beautiful and significant pictures, and how each and every type of wedding can be photographed to capture the richest and most exciting moments, from the tender to the happiest moments, and of course the funniest and most engaging moments. Every photoshoot has been created in harmony with the couple and their guests, with a positive and authentic cooperation.

Contact me to know more about my services, and how I can help you to transform your dream into reality, capturing it in a beautiful wedding photoshoot.

If you are looking for a destination wedding photographer in Italy, or are still considering some wedding locations, take a look at the wedding reportage galleries.

Let’s start this journey together!

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