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wedding castello del catajo

The location of Castello del Catajo is one of the structures that I have most appreciated during my experience as a wedding photographer in Padova. I have collected all the most important information, to allow you to get to know the history, the structure and answer the most frequently asked questions about the villa. Enjoy the reading!

Castello del Catajo: the history

The majestic Castello del Catajo stands in Battaglia Terme, a small town in the province of Padua embraced by the Euganean Hills. It is a vast complex dating back to the 16th century, housing no less than 350 rooms. For this reason, the castle is also known as Reggia dei Colli Euganei.

Castello del Catajo was built at the behest of Pio Enea I Obizzi, Marquis of Padua, by enlarging an earlier family-owned building. Pio Enea thus transformed the complex into a luxurious mansion, further enlarged in the 17th century by his son, Enea II. For instance, it is to the latter that we owe the construction of the Cortile dei Giganti and a small internal theatre. Later on, a gallery was built by Tommaso Obizzi as a museum, in which the family's numerous heirlooms and treasures were housed.

With the death of the last direct descendant of the Obizzi family in 1893, Castello del Catajo passed to the Archdukes of Modena. A second period of great wealth began for the complex, which was further expanded by Francesco IV and Maria Beatrice of Savoy. Thanks to them, a new structure wing, Castel Nuovo, was built. Thus the entire Este court, including the hereditary Archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand, moved into Castello del Catajo. With his assassination in Sarajevo in 1914 and the subsequent outbreak of the First World War, the mansion was acquired by the Emperor of Austria, Charles I. This plundered it of part of its priceless treasures, which were sent to Vienna and Prague.

At the end of the war, Castello del Catajo was requisitioned in favour of the Italian government as compensation for the damage suffered. The complex was thus auctioned and purchased by the Dalla Francesca family in 1929. The latter established their tobacco farm here, which remained in operation until the 1970s. Opened to the public in 1994, the castle was purchased at auction in 2015 by the Cervellin family. Completely restored, the structure is now one of the most exclusive locations for weddings and private events in the Euganean Hills area.

Castello del Catajo: the perfect setting for a fairytale wedding 

Castello del Catajo is a magical and evocative place with its medieval structure surrounded by greenery. Located at the foot of the Euganean Hills, this dreamy location is ideal for organising a fairytale wedding. Thanks to its size and rich artistic heritage, it will deeply surprise you, making you feel like the protagonists of a sweet fairy tale.

To marry at Castello del Catajo is to organise a princely event for all intents and purposes. Its bucolic and timeless views will provide the perfect backdrop for every stage of your celebrations. Like two nobles from bygone eras, the newlyweds can organise a day of refinement and romance here. 

Thanks to the variety of settings, every wish can come true. From traditional to shabby chic weddings, you will find the space at Castello del Catajo that best suits your wedding vision. You can even choose a more modern theme, taking advantage of the large panoramic terrace overlooking the surrounding hills.

If, on the other hand, you want to experience all the historicity of the complex, Castello del Catajo makes its most beautiful salons available to the bride and groom. Rich in frescoes and stuccoes, the structure's interiors will leave all guests speechless. Refined, solemn and majestic, the Saloni are chosen by the most demanding couples looking for a luxury setting for their receptions in grand style.

Castello del Catajo: the structure of the location

The magnificent Castello del Catajo is a place with a rich and articulated structure. Located at the foot of the Euganean Hills, the complex is famous for its architecture, its history and the great artistic heritage it holds within. 

The entire complex is embraced by a historic park of rare beauty, rich in monumental trees, fountains and flower beds. Strolling along the shady avenues, you can admire the splendid indoor lake, the perfect setting for wedding shoots. In the manicured Italian gardens, on the other hand, you can organise part of your reception on hot summer days.

Passing through a majestic triumphal arch, you enter the famous Cortile dei Giganti, used for theatrical performances and tournaments over the centuries. At the end of this are the elegant staircases leading to the piano nobile, the true heart of the complex. Castello del Catajo houses more than 350 rooms. Of these, the six main salons, all embellished with 16th-century frescoes, are available for events and weddings. The Main Hall can seat up to 120 people, offering them an exclusive view of the artistic heritage present here. 

The real feather in the cap, however, is the large panoramic terrace at the top of the main building. This can be set up for larger summer receptions, accommodating up to 200 guests. Castello del Catajo is truly a small world in which to spend unforgettable moments. Celebrating your wedding here will make your most important day even sweeter and more refined, leaving an indelible memory in your hearts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Castello del Catajo

  • Where is Castello del Catajo? Castello del Catajo is located in Battaglia Terme, a small municipality in the province of Padua, embraced by the Euganean Hills.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding inside the Castello del Catajo? Certainly. You can organise the shooting and reception inside the structure, in the park and in all the adjoining areas. The entire complex is exclusively dedicated to your wedding.
  • Is there a restaurant inside Castello del Catajo? Castello del Catajo does not have an in-house catering service, but offers a list of affiliated caterers to whom you can turn. However, it is possible to hire an external caterer.
  • What events can be celebrated at Castello del Catajo? You can organise your most important celebrations at Castello del Catajo. The castle is open for weddings and private parties. You can also organise your meetings, corporate events and gala dinners here.
  • Can Castello del Catajo host business meetings? Certainly. Castello del Catajo makes its halls and rooms available for the organisation of events and conventions. Every event's detail can be customised between historical charm and state-of-the-art technology.
  • Can I stay overnight at Castello del Catajo? No, Castello del Catajo does not provide suites or rooms for the bride and groom and their guests. However, you will find several hotels and flats in the direct vicinity where you can stay overnight.

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