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Wedding at Formentini Castle

The location of Formentini Castle is one of the locations that I have most appreciated during my experience as a wedding photographer in Udine. I have collected all the most important information, to allow you to get to know the history, the structure and answer the most frequently asked questions about the location. Enjoy the reading!

Formentini Castle: from the Middle Ages to today

The beautiful Formentini Castle is located in San Floriano del Collio, in the province of Gorizia. This area has been known since prehistoric times for its strategic position. The castle was probably built around 1100, on the remains of previous settlements. It was in fact a structure erected in defence of San Floriano, initially belonging to the Ungrispach family.

In 1521, the castle was bought by Vinciguerra Formentini, who began a radical restoration. The family's aim was to create a large agricultural residence from which they could control local wine production. During the Gradiscan Wars between the Serenissima and the Habsburgs, San Floriano was conquered by the Venetians. In 1616, Castello Formentini was also seized by the troops, who requisitioned the valuable wine barrels and sent them to Venice. However, the Formentini family continued to own the structure, handing it down from generation to generation.

However, with the outbreak of the First World War, the complex suffered severe damage. Part of the south side was in fact completely razed to the ground. Still visible today are the remains of the ancient outer walls of that wing, which was only partially rebuilt in the following decades. After World War II, the Formentini family played a fundamental role in the rebirth of San Floriano del Collio. The old facilities that had been destroyed were restored and the first bottling line for local wines was built. Since the 2000s, Castello Formentini has finally opened its doors for events and weddings.

Castello Formentini: the perfect setting for a fairytale wedding

Castello Formentini, with its medieval structure surrounded by Friuli vineyards, is the perfect location for a fairytale wedding. It is a magical and evocative place in which to live a unique experience. Here, visitors are transported to bygone eras, enjoying a priceless artistic and historical heritage.

To marry at Castello Formentini is to organise a princely wedding for all intents and purposes. So if you are looking for a venue that will amaze your guests, you will not be disappointed. Its romantic and fairy-tale views will indeed make your wedding day unforgettable. Given the variety of settings and the size of the complex, you will be able to realise your every wish. From country-style weddings to shabby chic, you will find all the space you need in the castle's large park to realise your every wish. You can even choose a more modern theme, taking advantage of the large pool area adjacent to the venue.

Lastly, Castello Formentini offers the bride and groom two of its most beautiful internal salons. The first, located on the ground floor, is characterised by a more relaxed and rustic ambience. It features a beautiful fireplace in the centre and stone walls. The second, the so-called Tapestry Room, is suitable for banquets in grand style. It can accommodate up to 300 guests for a luxurious and princely wedding. Whatever your idea of a wedding banquet, you will surely find the perfect area to bring your every wish to life.

Castello Formentini: the structure of the location

The magnificent Castello Formentini is a place with a rich and articulated structure. Situated among the gentle local vineyards, the complex is famous for its ancient wine production. From here you can enjoy a spectacular view of the entire Collio, from the Carnic Alps to the Adriatic Sea.

Although severely damaged during the last century, Castello Formentini is now more splendid than ever. Visitors are welcomed by the vast park, a green area of over 7 hectares, which elegantly embraces the castle. This is enclosed within the thick crenellated walls, interspersed with several massive watchtowers.

The complex then consists of a main building, where the feudal lord once lived, several smaller dwellings and a small church. On the ground floor of the main building are the two rooms made available for events and weddings. These are the old cellars of the complex, which still retain all their rustic charm. You can choose between two rooms:

  • The Fireplace Room features a large period fireplace and stone walls
  • The Tapestry Room, in the most elegant style and equipped with the best comforts

On the first floor there is also access to the castle library, now used as a place to store wedding favours for guests. These rooms are all in a perfectly preserved state and house pieces of furniture and paintings dating back to the 17th century.

Inside Castello Formentini, there are also several rooms to stay overnight or prepare. These are the rooms of the former guest quarters, now converted into a luxurious resort. Castello Formentini is truly a small world in which to spend unforgettable moments. Celebrating your wedding here will make your most important day even sweeter and more refined.

Frequently Asked Questions About Castello Formentini

  • Where is Castello Formentini located? Castello Formentini is located in San Floriano del Collio, in the province of Gorizia.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding inside Castello Formentini? Certainly. You can organise the shooting and the reception inside the structure, in the park and in all the adjoining areas.
  • Is there a restaurant inside Castello Formentini? Castello Formentini offers a dedicated restaurant and banqueting service. The menu is obviously adaptable to your every need. However, it is not possible to hire an external caterer.
  • What events can be celebrated at Castello Formentini? Your most important celebrations can be organised at Castello Formentini. In fact, the structure is open for weddings and private parties. You can also organise your meetings, corporate events and gala dinners.
  • Can Castello Formentini host business meetings? Certainly. Castello Formentini makes its halls and rooms available for organising events and conventions. Every event's detail can be customised between historical charm and state-of-the-art technology.
  • Can I stay overnight at Castello Formentini? Yes, Castello Formentini offers elegant suites and rooms to the bride, groom, and guests. These are rooms equipped with every comfort, located within the ancient guest quarters.

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