Wedding at Villa Dianella

Discover the elegant Villa Dianella, the perfect venue for a luxury wedding on the slopes of Campocollese Hill in Tuscany.

The location of Villa Dianella is one of the locations that I have most appreciated during my experience as a wedding photographer in Tuscany. I have collected all the most important information, to allow you to get to know the history, the structure and answer the most frequently asked questions about the location. Enjoy the reading!

Villa Dianella: the history

The splendid Villa Dianella is located in Vinci, a historic village in the province of Florence. The residence boasts an ancient history dating back to the 16th century when it served as a hunting lodge for the Medici family. It is one of the famous Medici villas where the family used to spend their vacations.

Later, Villa Dianella passed into the ownership of the Federighi marquises. In the 18th century, they sold the complex to the Fucini family. Among the family members, the renowned poet Renato Fucini composed several works and sonnets at the villa. A novella titled "A Dianella" was even dedicated to the structure.

In the 20th century, Villa Dianella changed owners again, passing through various families. After being acquired by the heirs of Professor Camillo Arturo Torrigia, the mansion then belonged to the Billeri family. They sold the complex to the Counts Passerin d'Entrèves and Courmayeur, nobles of Florentine origin. A significant restoration of the village was initiated, transforming it into an elegant and sober residence.

Today, Villa Dianella is owned by Francesco and Veronica Passerin d'Entrèves, who passionately oversee the family businesses. Villa Dianella is now the headquarters of a renowned estate, famous for the production of organic wine and extra virgin olive oil. The complex also houses a wine resort and a restaurant, making it suitable for hosting events and weddings.

Villa Dianella: the perfect setting for a luxury wedding

The beautiful complex of Villa Dianella is situated in a splendid green oasis on the slopes of Campocollese Hill. It is a charming location from which to admire the romantic landscape of the Tuscan countryside. Celebrating your reception at Villa Dianella means organizing an elegant and luxurious wedding.

Strolling along the shaded paths of the park, you can experience a romantic and dreamy atmosphere. It is a unique setting for cinematic and suggestive photoshoots. In this magical atmosphere, you can also organize your enchanting civil ceremony, filling your guests with wonder.

In the vast green lung, you can then kick off your celebrations. Thanks to the skilled staff of Villa Dianella, setting up the area will be effortless, bringing every desire to life. From trendy to elegant and luxurious weddings, the expansive garden will adapt flexibly to your needs. In the warm summer days, your event can extend into the late night, concluding with a spectacular fireworks show.

Looking for a covered and more traditional environment? In this case, too, Villa Dianella will surprise you. Accessing its well-kept indoor lounges, you will be enchanted by their beauty and sophistication. These spaces can be customized according to your preferred style, elegantly welcoming your guests. They will be perfect for organizing weddings with a classic and chic flavor, leaving a lasting impression on your hearts.

Villa Dianella: the structure of the venue

As we have seen, Villa Dianella is located in the picturesque hills surrounding the historic town of Vinci. Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, the complex is now a renowned wine hotel composed of various buildings scattered within the vast estate's park.

Following the paths winding through ancient trees, you can reach the different areas that make up the venue. Walking through the extensive garden, you can admire the romantic family chapel dedicated to S. Michaelis de Aliana, where religious weddings are still celebrated today. A short distance away is a large swimming pool, around which the summer events of the structure are celebrated. This space can accommodate about 300 people, who can spend all stages of the event here, from the civil ceremony to the final fireworks.

Villa Dianella also includes a splendid main building and the famous cellars, where the estate's excellent products are stored. Inside the main building, numerous rooms and lounges are made available to the newlyweds. The largest hall, located on the first floor, can accommodate up to 200 people. It features numerous windows through which you can enjoy breathtaking views. On the ground floor, there are more intimate lounges with a capacity of about 80 people, suitable for your post-dinner dancing. There is also a beautiful terrace overlooking the hills, suitable for a suggestive cake cutting.

Finally, Villa Dianella hosts a luxurious bridal suite and 3 bedrooms. Impeccably styled and equipped with every comfort, these rooms can accommodate the newlyweds and their closest friends, turning the wedding into a true romantic getaway.

Frequently Asked Questions About Villa Dianella

  • Where is Villa Dianella located? Villa Dianella is located in Vinci, in the province of Florence. Its central position in Tuscany makes it ideal for those who want to explore the cities of Florence, Lucca, Pisa, and Siena.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding inside Villa Dianella? Certainly. You can organize the official civil ceremony, photoshoot, and reception inside the park, lounges, and all related areas, including the cellars.
  • Is there a restaurant inside Villa Dianella? Yes, Villa Dianella has a renowned internal catering service. Therefore, it is not possible to book the venue while engaging an external catering service of your choice.
  • What events can be celebrated at Villa Dianella? Inside Villa Dianella, you can organize your most important celebrations. The venue is open for weddings and private parties. You can also organize your meetings and corporate events here.
  • Can Villa Dianella host business meetings? Certainly. Villa Dianella provides its indoor and outdoor spaces for organizing events and conventions. It has various rooms of varying sizes for organizing meetings and gala dinners.
  • Can I stay overnight inside Villa Dianella? Yes, inside the villa, there is a double suite and 3 rooms, providing a total of 6 available beds.

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