Wedding at Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky

Discover the beautiful Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky. the perfect location for a fairytale wedding on the shores of Lake Alserio, Como, Lombardy.

The location of Parravicino Sossnovsky is one of the locations that I have most appreciated during my experience as a wedding photographer in Lake Como. I have collected all the most important information, to allow you to get to know the history, the structure and answer the most frequently asked questions about the location. Enjoy the reading!

Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky: A Centuries-Old Story

Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky is an elegant historic residence nestled in the southern hills of Erba, in the province of Como. Built following the standards of ancient Lombard courts, the main body of the structure was erected at the end of the 16th century. The north side of the property also includes a small medieval house, presumably predating the 15th century.

The splendid mansion was built at the behest of the noble Parravicini family, lords of Parravicino. They maintained ownership until the present day, passing the complex down from generation to generation. Over the centuries, the Parravicini family expanded and refined the residence, transforming it from a country house into a small palace.

In particular, Count Emiliano Parravicini commissioned the creation of a splendid English garden in the late 19th century. Tall trunk trees are still present today and a beautiful rose banksiae garden was planted.

In the 1980s, the restoration of Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky began. The complex returned to its ancient splendors, and part of the ancient 15th-century noble court was brought to light. Open for weddings and international events, the residence is now one of the most refined locations in the area, often chosen by major global brands to present their new products.

Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky: The Perfect Setting for an Elegant Wedding

Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky is one of the most elegant wedding venues in the province of Como. Located in a historic medieval village, the venue offers its guests glimpses of rare beauty, making it the perfect setting for refined and fairy-tale weddings.

The complex is truly unique and suitable for organizing captivating events that enchant participants. Surrounded by fields and a splendid park in English romantic style, Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky provides enchanting views. Strolling among tall trees and within the charming rose garden, you can capture bucolic and fairy-tale photographs. Here, you can also exchange the sweetest of vows, celebrating your official civil ceremony beneath the dancing centuries-old branches.

The Villa is rich in additional dreamlike corners that can be adapted by the venue's staff according to your requests. For example, if you wish to organize a sober but non-trivial wedding, you'll surely love the historic internal courtyard. Here, you can arrange tables on warm summer days, celebrating every moment of your wedding in grand style. From the luxurious welcome cocktail to the princely cake cutting, the lush park will enchant your guests, giving you an unforgettable day.

The venue also offers its historic indoor spaces, and luxurious frescoed halls adorned with elements from the Renaissance. Here, you can serve classic and stylish banquets suitable for luxury weddings. Between courses, you can access the sumptuous smaller lounges, whose arrangement allows you to dive into the past. Regardless of the style or theme you choose for your wedding, we are confident you won't be disappointed by this majestic location.

Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky: The Venue's Structure

Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky is an elegant residence nestled amidst the fields of the countryside in Erba, just a short distance from the shores of Lake Alserio. The structure was built following the typical architecture of ancient Lombard courtyards, later revisited in the nineteenth century. The complex boasts a mix of elements from different eras, giving character and uniqueness to the venue.

Ascending along the lush entrance avenue, guests of Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky can immediately admire a splendid English-style park. Populated by conifers and tall centuries-old trees, it houses the various buildings that make up the structure, as well as a bamboo grove. Elegant fountains and a beautiful rose garden, where numerous banksiae roses can be admired, are also present. In this enchanting setting, approximately 200 guests can be accommodated, and legally recognized civil ceremonies can be celebrated upon request.

Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky also provides its rich interior halls for the organization of your events. Adorned with numerous frescoes and elegant period furniture, these halls can accommodate approximately 150 people. From the main large hall, you can access some smaller lounges suitable for more intimate and reserved events.

With its history and beauty, Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky has the power to enchant all its guests. If you are looking for a refined, fairy-tale, and meticulously cared-for location, it will undoubtedly suit your needs. In this magical place, you can live an open-eyed dream, making your most beautiful day even more special.

Frequently Asked Questions about Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky:

  • Where is Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky located? Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky is located in the medieval village of Parravicino, on the southern hills of Erba, bordering Albavilla.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding inside Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky? Certainly. You can organize the official civil ceremony, photo shoot, and reception inside the structure and in all adjoining areas. The entire complex is exclusively dedicated to your celebration.
  • Is there a restaurant inside Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky? There is no internal catering service, but there are spaces reserved for catering staff. You can organize the banquet with a catering service of your choice. If you don't have one, Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky is ready to offer you a list of trusted external partners.
  • What events can be celebrated inside Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky? Inside Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky, you can organize your most important celebrations. The structure is open for weddings, birthdays, and graduation parties. You can also organize your meetings, corporate events, and gala dinners.
  • Can Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky host business meetings? Certainly. Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky provides its indoor and outdoor spaces for organizing events and conventions.
  • Can I stay inside Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky? No, Villa Parravicino Sossnovsky does not offer the possibility of staying inside the residence. However, it is possible to have a room with a bathroom for the bride, allowing her to prepare for the event directly on-site.

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