Wedding at Villa Revel Parravicini

Discover the majestic Villa Revel Parravicini, the perfect location for a luxurious and glamorous wedding on Lake Como.

The location of Villa Revel Parravicini is one of the locations that I have most appreciated during my experience as a wedding photographer in Lake Como. I have collected all the most important information, to allow you to get to know the history, the structure and answer the most frequently asked questions about the location. Enjoy the reading!

Villa Revel Parravicini: The History

Villa Revel Parravicini is an aristocratic residence built in the 18th century on Lake Como. The building directly overlooks the shores of Lario through a private dock. Its construction was commissioned by Count Alessandro della Torre di Rezzonico, a wealthy noble of Milanese origin. In the following decades, ownership of Villa Revel Parravicini quickly changed hands between families.

In 1902, after being purchased by the Visconti family and later by the d'Adda family, the residence was finally sold to General Genova Thaon de Revel, a prominent figure and hero of the Italian Risorgimento. He initiated a profound restoration of the complex, simultaneously enriching the structure with elegant decorative elements. Upon his death in 1910, Villa Revel Parravicini passed to his daughter Ottavia. She used to spend her summer holidays here with her sister Sabina and brother-in-law, Emiliano Parravicini di Parravicino.

The three continued to frequent the property until 1927 with their families. With Ottavia's death, Villa Revel Parravicini passed down through inheritance to her granddaughter, Camilla Parravicini Sossnovsky. Today, the complex is owned by her children, who have transformed the property into a luxurious event venue.

Villa Revel Parravicini: The Perfect Setting for a Princely and Glamorous Wedding

With its enviable view of Lake Como, Villa Revel Parravicini is a majestic venue suitable for princely weddings. It is a dream mansion, perfect for hosting glamorous events. Here, history, art, and nature gently intertwine, offering couples and their guests an unforgettable experience.

What stands out most about this splendid location is undoubtedly the breathtaking panorama visible from the private dock. Thanks to it, couples can reach Villa Revel Parravicini directly by boat, for a triumphant entrance that will leave everyone speechless.

On warm summer days, you can also organize your reception outdoors, fully enjoying the suggestive atmosphere offered by the lake. From the most traditional to the trendiest wedding, the extensive Italian garden will perfectly adapt to your needs, giving you the event you've always dreamed of.

If you prefer to celebrate your reception in an even more exclusive and luxurious setting, Villa Revel Parravicini also offers its interiors. With its four elegantly furnished halls, you can experience a magical and fairytale-like event with your loved ones. Beneath the splendid frescoed vaults, you can serve a sumptuous banquet suitable for luxury and chic weddings.

Villa Revel Parravicini is truly a unique wedding venue, perfect for the most glamorous couples. If you are looking for an elegant and visually stunning residence, we are confident that you will find everything you have ever desired here.

Villa Revel Parravicini: The Structure of the Venue

Villa Revel Parravicini features a majestic structure spread over three floors with rich halls and suites. Built in neoclassical style, the residence directly overlooks Lake Como, on which it has a dock with a private mooring. Thus, couples can access the venue by boat, indulging in an extremely dramatic entrance.

The main body of Villa Revel Parravicini is surrounded by a lush Italian garden. Populated by beautiful flower beds, these form true oases in which to celebrate your event. Inside, numerous tables and chairs can accommodate around a hundred guests. From here, ascending along the gentle gravel paths, you reach the majestic façade of the complex, dominated by an elegantly decorated tympanum.

Upon entering Villa Revel Parravicini, you can admire the grand historical and artistic heritage of the mansion. Rich in paintings, historical artifacts, and mosaics, the complex provides couples with four halls. You can serve your banquet surrounded by the original furnishings of the Villa, admiring the splendid frescoed ceilings between courses.

Among the most evocative spaces, the grand Hall of Columns is certainly the most characteristic. Able to accommodate up to ninety guests, inside, you can admire two tall columns in perfect neoclassical style. In the adjacent Pink Room, instead, you will find a more intimate and relaxed setting, perfect for the confetti or more intimate receptions.

Villa Revel Parravicini is truly a magical, luxurious, and princely location. Organizing your wedding here means living a dream with your eyes wide open. If you are looking for an exclusive and glamorous venue, we are confident that it will not disappoint.

Frequently Asked Questions About Villa Revel Parravicini

  • Where is Villa Revel Parravicini located? Villa Revel Parravicini directly overlooks the shores of Lario, on Lake Como.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding inside Villa Revel Parravicini? Certainly. You can organize the photoshoot and the reception inside the venue and in all adjoining areas, such as the romantic dock.
  • Is there a restaurant inside Villa Revel Parravicini? There is no restaurant inside Villa Revel Parravicini. However, the venue provides its kitchens for catering purposes, leaving couples free to choose which professionals to turn to.
  • What events can be celebrated at Villa Revel Parravicini? Inside Villa Revel Parravicini, you can organize your most important celebrations. The venue is open to weddings and private events. You can also organize your corporate meetings and conferences here.
  • Can Villa Revel Parravicini host business meetings? Certainly. Villa Revel Parravicini provides its spaces for the organization of events and conventions. It is a luxury location suitable for exclusive parties and high-end companies.
  • Can I stay inside Villa Revel Parravicini? Unfortunately, Villa Revel Parravicini does not have rooms or suites for overnight stays. However, you will find numerous hotels and B&Bs near the mansion.

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