Wedding at Villa Subaglio

Discover the majestic Villa Subaglio, the perfect venue for a fairy-tale wedding in the heart of Brianza in Lecco.

The location of Villa Subaglio is one of the venues that I have most appreciated during my experience as a wedding photographer in Lake Como. I have collected all the most important information, to allow you to get to know the history, and the structure and answer the most frequently asked questions about the location. Enjoy the reading!

Villa Subaglio: the history

Villa Subaglio is a majestic residence located in Merate, in the province of Lecco, in the heart of Brianza. The structure has ancient origins and is already mentioned in some documents dating back to the 17th century. Built at the behest of the noble Subaglio family, the residence underwent numerous changes and changes of ownership over the years. According to the Teresian land registers of 1721, Villa Subaglio was purchased during that period by Marquess Giovanni Rescalli.

He then passed the complex on to his son Paolo, who sold it in the second half of the nineteenth century to the Prinetti family. The ancient coat of arms of the family is still present on the facade of the main building, a castle surmounted by a goose on a red background and yellow lilies.

In those years, the structure grew immensely, becoming a splendid mansion where nobles loved to spend their days. Among the most illustrious guests of the mansion, we remember: Archduke Charles Francis of Austria, Leopold II of Tuscany, Francesco d'Este, and some members of the Savoy family.

During the Second World War, Villa Subaglio then risked invasion by the German army. In 1943, soldiers viewed the complex intending to turn it into the division's headquarters. In an attempt to discourage occupation, the Prinetti family decided to hide all the precious furnishings of the mansion. When the Germans entered Villa, finding numerous nuns and low-value furniture, they decided to abandon the project.

Villa Subaglio, now in a state of decay, was sold in 1990 to a new owner. The entire complex was then renovated and transformed into the luxurious venue we know today. Open to weddings and private events, the residence also houses a small winery.

Villa Subaglio: the perfect setting for a fairy-tale wedding

Villa Subaglio, with its breathtaking location in the shadow of Mount Resegone, is one of the most majestic venues in Brianza. Here, art, history, and nature elegantly blend, offering couples and their guests a fairy-tale experience. Thanks to its unique architecture, it is now the ideal setting for celebrating refined and princely weddings.

Ascending along its entrance avenue, over a kilometer long, it is truly impossible not to be enchanted by so much beauty. Among tall centuries-old trees and a populous fauna, you can capture unique shots that seem to come from a fairy tale. Entering the well-kept Italian garden, you will leave all your guests speechless.

Here, you can organize the most romantic civil ceremonies, elegantly framed by flowering bushes and geometric hedges. On warm summer days, you can also serve a bucolic refreshment here, carefully arranged by the venue's staff, creating a magical and dreamy atmosphere.

If you prefer a more sophisticated and covered environment, it is better to opt for the numerous solutions inside the mansion. Villa Subaglio offers its ancient halls, as well as the spaces of the underlying cellars. You can choose between a more formal setting and a more welcoming and youthful one, suitable for carefree couples.

The five large reception halls are all frescoed and sumptuous, ideal for organizing classic and solemn weddings. The cellars, on the other hand, usually host a more informal evening open bars and DJ sets, giving the newlyweds and their guests an after-dinner of fun.

If you are looking for a versatile and fairy-tale location, Villa Subaglio will not disappoint you. Suitable for couples of all ages, we are sure it will leave an indelible and sweet memory in the hearts of all its lucky guests.

Villa Subaglio: the structure of the venue

The magnificent Villa Subaglio is an imposing structure immersed in the greenery of the Lecco countryside. The mansion stands in a panoramic position, from which you can admire the Po Valley and the arc of the pre-Alps. Embraced by a beautiful English-style centuries-old park, the Villa is now considered a precious jewel of eighteenth-century architecture.

Ascending along the wide entrance avenue, adorned with numerous cypress trees, visitors reach the elegant Italian garden of the complex. Populated by statues, fountains, and geometric hedges, this space hosts ceremonies and events in the summer. Here, it is possible to set up banquets and aperitifs, as well as celebrate civil and symbolic rites.

Inside the monumental main building, five different halls are made available to the newlyweds. All elegantly furnished and frescoed, the spacious reception halls can accommodate about 180 guests. Below the noble floor, you will find the historic cellars of Villa Subaglio.

These have recently been renovated and transformed into a suggestive space. Although the original structure, with barrel vaults and walls with exposed rocks, has been maintained, the cellars have been equipped with a professional audio system. Inside, you can organize more informal evening parties, setting up the DJ set and open bar.

Villa Subaglio is truly a location rich in possibilities and services waiting to be discovered. It will be the perfect choice for your most important day, and we are sure it will give you unforgettable moments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Villa Subaglio

  • Where is Villa Subaglio located? Villa Subaglio is located in Merate, in the province of Lecco, in the heart of Brianza.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding inside Villa Subaglio? Certainly. You can organize the photo shoot and the reception inside the structure and in all related areas. In addition, you can officially celebrate your civil ceremony here.
  • Is there a restaurant inside Villa Subaglio? Villa Subaglio does not have an internal catering service. You can choose the catering you prefer or rely on a trusted partner of the complex.
  • What events can be celebrated at Villa Subaglio? Inside Villa Subaglio, you can organize your most important events. The structure is open to weddings and private parties. You can also organize your meetings, corporate events, and gala dinners here.
  • Can Villa Subaglio host business meetings? Certainly. Villa Subaglio provides its halls for the organization of events and conventions. The environments are equipped with every comfort and feature a technologically advanced system.
  • Can I stay inside Villa Subaglio? No, Villa Subaglio does not have internal accommodations. However, you can find numerous hotels and B&Bs near the mansion.

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