Wedding at Villa Vergine

Discovering Villa Vergine, the perfect venue for a fairy-tale wedding in the sweet countryside of Lecce, Apulia.

The location Villa Vergine is one of the structures I have most enjoyed during my experience as a wedding photographer in Apulia. I have gathered all the most important information so you can learn more about the history, the structure and answer the most frequently asked questions about the villa. Enjoy your reading!

Villa Vergine: The History

The luxurious Villa Vergine is located in Cutrofiano, in the province of Lecce. Built in the 18th century, the structure originated as a simple farmhouse, initially known as Villa Speziale. The ancient mansion was constructed by the Vergine family, who are still the owners of the complex.

During the 20th century, thanks to the passion and dedication of Girolamo Vergine, the mansion underwent a radical transformation. The property was completely redesigned by the Florentine landscape architect Pietro Porcinai. Evolving from a rural farmhouse, Villa Vergine became the majestic Liberty-style residence that we know today.

Further embellished with an immense garden adorned with fountains, statues, and flowering shrubs, the mansion began its transformation into a hospitality facility. In the early '90s, the villa started hosting events and meetings, quickly becoming one of the most well-known locations in the province of Lecce.

Even today, Villa Vergine is managed by a direct descendant of the family, Alessandro Vergine. Thanks to his skills, the mansion has become a true hallmark for event organization. In the meantime, the Vergine family has also established Bon Ton, a catering service active throughout the region.

Villa Vergine: The Perfect Setting for a Fairy-Tale Wedding

Villa Vergine, with its princely Liberty-style structure, is one of the most romantic and exclusive wedding locations in Salento. Meticulously cared for and impeccably managed by Bon Ton catering, the residence is now chosen by couples seeking a fairy-tale wedding.

Surrounded by an extensive park, the mansion offers bucolic and dreamy views. Here, the newlyweds will find flower beds, statues, and fountains providing a backdrop for enchanting and cinematic photoshoots. The property's garden is a true oasis of peace, a small Eden where you can passionately experience every phase of your event. Not only is it possible to serve banquets and cocktails in the summer, but you can also celebrate the most emotional civil ceremonies.

Utilizing the elegant pergola or the spectacular loggia, you can delight your loved ones with a truly dramatic banquet. With the skilled staff of Villa Vergine, all outdoor areas can be arranged according to the style and theme you choose. Whether it's a classic, minimal, shabby chic, or a vintage wedding – whatever your choice, every desire can be realized.

In addition to the versatile park, the mansion also provides luxurious interior halls for the couples. These will be the perfect setting for the most solemn weddings, suitable for couples desiring a classic and bon ton wedding. Reaching the upper loggia, you can then perform a dramatic cake-cutting ceremony, optionally enhanced by a spectacular fireworks display.

Villa Vergine is truly a unique and evocative location that will leave an indelible memory in your hearts. We are confident it will be impossible for you and your guests not to fall madly in love with this fairy-tale venue.

Villa Vergine: The Structure of the Venue

The majestic Villa Vergine, as previously mentioned, is an ancient Liberty-style mansion surrounded by the countryside of Salento. Serving as the administrative headquarters for a renowned catering service operating throughout the region, the structure is open to the organization of events and weddings.

Surrounded by a lush late romantic park, the mansion is located at the end of a long tree-lined avenue. Several paths wind around it, leading visitors to various areas of the estate. Among these, the well-kept garden stands out, where you can admire plants from all over the world, flower beds, and refined fountains. Surrounding it are some of Villa Vergine's main attractions, such as the suggestive aviary and the romantic pergola.

Ascending towards the main body of the structure, you reach a splendid staircase directly connected to the refined loggia. Below, the ancient cellars of the mansion open up, now converted into reception halls. Dominated by walls of pristine Salento stone and high barrel vaults, they can accommodate about 80 guests.

The main body of Villa Vergine is the true beating heart of the structure. Upon entering the building, guests are welcomed into the spacious restaurant hall. Overlooking the well-kept garden, it is adorned with furnishings and decorations in line with the classic style of the residence. Finally, inside the mansion is a luxurious bridal suite, made available to the newlyweds for their first night.

Frequently Asked Questions About Villa Vergine

  • Where is Villa Vergine located? Villa Vergine is situated in Cutrofiano, in the province of Lecce.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding at Villa Vergine? Certainly. You can organize every phase of your wedding here, setting up both the well-kept garden and the luxurious interior halls of the complex.
  • Is there a restaurant inside Villa Vergine? Villa Vergine features a renowned internal catering service. The kitchen is under the direction of Executive Chef Luzian Palmieri, a recipient of significant accolades. Therefore, it is not possible to hire an external catering service.
  • What events can be celebrated at Villa Vergine? Inside Villa Vergine, you can organize your most important events. The venue is open to weddings and private parties.
  • Can Villa Vergine host business meetings? Yes, the venue is open to meetings and conventions. You can organize your event here, availing yourself of a dedicated and competent staff.
  • Can I stay overnight at Villa Vergine? Villa Vergine provides the bridal suite for the newlyweds to spend their first night.

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