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wedding borgo dei conti della torre

The location of Borgo dei Conti della Torre is one of the locations that I have most appreciated during my experience as a wedding photographer in Pordenone. I have collected all the most important information, to allow you to get to know the history, the structure and answer the most frequently asked questions about the location. Enjoy the reading!

Borgo dei Conti della Torre: history

The beautiful Borgo dei Conti della Torre is an agricultural village located on the banks of the Tagliamento River. The structure, dating back to the 17th century, is located in Morsano al Tagliamento, in the province of Pordenone. Borgo dei Conti della Torre is an immense location. In fact, it is made up of no less than 13 main buildings, to which another four minor bodies must be added.

According to its recent restoration, the manor house was actually built on an earlier 15th-century farmhouse. In fact, it is thought that the first owner belonged to the noble house of Napoleone della Torre, a Guelph condottiere. Over the centuries, the hamlet has seen many important people succeed one another, such as patriarchs, bishops and valiant knights.

The structure recently underwent a conservative restoration, which brought the complex up to date with modern requirements. While respecting its historical value, Borgo dei Conti della Torre has been transformed into a location for events and celebrations.

Borgo dei Conti della Torre: the perfect setting for a fairytale wedding

Borgo dei Conti della Torre is a unique location with its countless buildings immersed in the gentle Friulian countryside. It is in fact an immense structure rich in proposals and suggestive views, capable of satisfying every need. This is why organising your wedding here means experiencing a fairytale wedding.

Upon entering the Borgo, it is impossible not to be deeply amazed and fascinated by its beauty. Thanks to the careful restoration, it is in fact possible to admire the infinite angles offered by the structure. The well-kept park in front of the Villa can host a splendid welcome aperitif during summer days. Here you can also create your romantic wedding album, for a sweet memory of your most beautiful day.

The boundless green area surrounding the complex offers further options. There is in fact a luxurious swimming pool, ideal for wild DJ sets at night. Or the more classic patio, perfect for a classy banquet in fine weather. From country-style weddings to shabby chic, in the Borgo's large garden you will find all the space you need to make your every wish come true.

Finally, Borgo dei Conti della Torre places its most beautiful internal salons at the disposal of the bride and groom. These small artistic jewels can lend a refined and elegant note to any banquet. The complex also includes an ancient church dating back to the 15th century, which has also been restored and consecrated. You can therefore celebrate your religious wedding on site, preparing for the event directly in one of the Borgo's suites.

Whatever your wedding idea, you are sure to find the perfect area to bring your every wish to life. Borgo dei Conti della Torre is a magical place that will leave you and your guests with wonder.

Borgo dei Conti della Torre: the structure of the location

The magnificent Borgo dei Conti della Torre, as we have mentioned, is a place with a rich and articulated structure. Situated amidst the gentle local terrain, the complex is in fact composed of innumerable buildings. Notable among these are the manor house, the ancient barchessa and the splendid 15th-century chapel.

After careful restoration, Borgo dei Conti della Torre is now more splendid than ever. Visitors are welcomed by the vast park, a green area of over 3 hectares, which elegantly embraces the complex. It contains the various buildings that make up the hamlet, as well as a beautiful Italian garden and a modern swimming pool.

The covered spaces of the complex are equally rich and evocative. For your celebrations you will find several dedicated areas in both the barchessa and the manor house. In particular, you can choose from:

  • The large single hall that can accommodate up to 140 guests on the ground floor of the Villa
  • The adjacent room, which can accommodate up to 65 seated guests, is ideal for dancing
  • A large entrance hall on the first floor, where up to 8 tables can be arranged
  • The outside porch of the barchessa, which can be enclosed by a special curtain and accommodate up to 140 guests
  • The 15th-century chapel, which can seat up to 45 people

Finally, Borgo dei Conti della Torre offers 11 double rooms and 3 suites furnished in different styles in the Villa. You can therefore stay overnight in the complex or simply prepare for your event. Borgo dei Conti della Torre is truly a location full of potential. We are sure you will not be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Borgo dei Conti della Torre

  • Where is Borgo dei Conti della Torre? Borgo dei Conti della Torre is located in Morsano al Tagliamento, in the province of Pordenone.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding at Borgo dei Conti della Torre? Certainly. You can organise the shooting and the reception inside the structure, in the park and in all the adjoining areas. There is also a beautiful consecrated chapel in which to celebrate your religious wedding.
  • Is there a restaurant inside Borgo dei Conti della Torre? Borgo dei Conti della Torre does not have an in-house catering service. You are therefore free to choose your own caterer. This will find ample kitchen space on site that can be used to prepare your wedding banquet.
  • What events can be celebrated at Borgo dei Conti della Torre? At Borgo dei Conti della Torre you can organise your most important celebrations. In fact, the structure is open for weddings and private parties. You can also organise your meetings, corporate events and gala dinners.
  • Can Borgo dei Conti della Torre host business meetings? Certainly. Borgo dei Conti della Torre makes its halls and rooms available for organising events and conventions. Every event's detail can be customised between historical charm and state-of-the-art technology.
  • Can I stay overnight at Borgo dei Conti della Torre? Yes, Borgo dei Conti della Torre makes its elegant suites and rooms available to the bride and groom and their guests. There are as many as 11 double rooms and 3 suites in the Villa.

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