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The location of Hotel Villa Cipressi is one of the locations that I have most appreciated during my experience as a wedding photographer in Lake Como. I have collected all the most important information, to allow you to get to know the history, the structure and answer the most frequently asked questions about the location. Enjoy the reading!

Hotel Villa Cipressi: a history of over 500 years

Hotel Villa Cipressi is a historic residence actually composed of several buildings, built between the 15th and 19th centuries. The complex stands in Varenna, a beautiful location on Lake Como, taking its name from the tall, centuries-old cypress trees here. Among the first known owners of the structure were members of the noble Serponti family. These, originally from the island of Comacina, had in fact arrived in Varenna in 1169, obtaining the title of Marquis of Mirasole.

The family retained possession of Villa Cipressi until 1802, when the last Serponti heir died. It was thus purchased by Carlo Innocenzo Isimbardi, baron and director of the Milan Mint. He began a series of works to restore and enlarge the structure, transforming it into an elegant mansion. In 1864, Villa Cipressi then passed to the Andreossi family, who continued the neoclassical restoration of the complex.

From this time on, the Villa began to host great personalities of the period, such as Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria in 1938. Over the following decades, however, the slow decline of the structure began, and in 1980 it risked being sold to a foreign real estate company. However, it was fortunately purchased by the 'Varennesi ed Amici di Varenna' group, local volunteers who still run it today.

This group of private individuals thus transformed the complex into today's Hotel Villa Cipressi, hosting, among others, Nobel Prize winners Rubbia, Bardeen, Alfven, Cooper and Schrieffer. Today, the structure is open for international events, exclusive events and weddings. The large park of the complex has been transformed into a beautiful public botanical garden.

Hotel Villa Cipressi: the perfect setting for a fairytale wedding

Hotel Villa Cipressi, thanks to its enviable position on Lake Como, is a unique location. Elegant and exclusive, it will be the perfect setting for fairytale weddings. It is in fact a complex rich in services and with attention to the smallest details, offering its guests moments of pure luxury.

Villa Cipressi's pride and joy is undoubtedly its extensive botanical garden, from which the view of the lake can be enjoyed. Rich in century-old trees and plants, the structure offers unique views, suitable for bucolic and fairy-tale receptions. You can then celebrate an emotional symbolic rite here, exchanging your vows just a few metres from the beautiful body of water. Similarly, the spacious terraces of the complex will be able to host aperitifs and banquets full of wonder. Under the beautiful portico you can watch the sunset over the lake, for a glamorous and refined toast.

If you prefer to celebrate your reception indoors instead, Hotel Villa Cipressi also offers its indoor salons. Furnished with a perfect mix of period elements and design pieces, these rooms are ready to impress your guests. These vast halls, decorated with simplicity and elegance, are perfect for celebrating high-class events.

Whatever your wedding idea, the splendid Hotel Villa Cipressi will offer you a unique experience. So if you are looking for a luxury location that will leave an indelible memory in your hearts, it will not disappoint.

Hotel Villa Cipressi: the structure of the location

Hotel Villa Cipressi has a rich and articulated structure, spread over several neoclassical buildings. These are surrounded by a majestic and luxuriant centuries-old park, which houses valuable botanical plants. Directly overlooking the mirror-like mirror of Lake Como, the hotel also has an elegant dock that its guests can use.

The complex is spread over several levels, each featuring beautiful terraces overlooking the lake below. In these areas it is possible to organise events and weddings outdoors on hot summer days. One of the most iconic sets for this use is undoubtedly the structure's romantic portico. Made of wood and supported by numerous neoclassical columns, it offers shelter from the summer heat thanks to its ivy-covered roof. Up to 150 guests can be accommodated here, for an exclusive banquet directly by the lake.

The interiors of the complex are also made with equal care and beauty. They are in fact large halls with simple but elegant lines. Inside, one can admire the splendid period furniture and small works of art. There are also more refined and luxurious rooms, where frescoed vaults and walls with colourful tapestries stand out.

Finally, Hotel Villa Cipressi houses a spa and numerous bedrooms. You can then choose to continue your experience in the residence at the end of your event for a sweet honeymoon.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Villa Cipressi

  • Where is Hotel Villa Cipressi located? Hotel Villa Cipressi is located in Varenna, a beautiful resort on Lake Como. The hotel is located directly on the lake, with private access for boats.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding at the Hotel Villa Cipressi? Certainly. You can organise the shooting and reception inside the structure and in all the adjoining areas. The entire complex is exclusively dedicated to your celebration. You can also celebrate your symbolic rite on the shores of the lake on request.
  • Is there a restaurant inside Hotel Villa Cipressi? The Villa has two in-house restaurants located in the historic Hotel Royal Victoria. These are the Royal Gourmet, with a lake view, and the Victoria Grill, overlooking Varenna's main square. It is therefore not possible to choose the catering service freely.
  • Which events can be celebrated at Hotel Villa Cipressi? You can organise your most important celebrations at Hotel Villa Cipressi. In fact, the hotel is open for weddings and private events. You can also organise your meetings and wonderful photo shoots here.
  • Can Hotel Villa Cipressi host business meetings? Certainly. Hotel Villa Cipressi offers its premises for the organisation of events and conventions. It is a luxury location, suitable for exclusive parties and high-end companies.
  • Can I stay overnight at Hotel Villa Cipressi? The hotel has 26 double rooms, 2 Junior Suites and 3 Suites.

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