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The venue of Pieve de' Pitti is one of the facilities I have appreciated the most during my experience as a wedding photographer in Tuscany. I have gathered all the most important information to allow you to learn about the history, and structure, and answer the most frequently asked questions about the villa. Enjoy reading!

Pieve De' Pitti: The History

The historic Pieve De' Pitti is a renowned relais located in Terricciola, in the province of Pisa. Dating back to the 12th century, the structure was built on the ruins of an ancient Etruscan church still consecrated today. Pieve De' Pitti originated as a fortified settlement, where troops were concentrated to defend the nearby Castle of Pava. Between the 12th and 13th centuries, it belonged to the bishops of Volterra and included a villa, a chapel, and some service buildings.

With the fall of the Pisans in 1406, Pieve De' Pitti came under the control of the Florentines. Farm management was entrusted to the Pitti family, who remained owners until the mid-17th century. Thanks to their contribution, Pieve De' Pitti further expanded, becoming a truly rural village. According to the census of the time, Cosimo Di Jacopo Pitti owned numerous plots of land, vineyards, and buildings of various sizes.

In 1794, Pieve De' Pitti passed to the Lanfranchi Rossi family, who owned it until 1822. This marked a period of instability for the complex, with several aristocratic buyers alternating within its walls. In the late '60s, Pieve De' Pitti was acquired by the Galgari family. Today, Sergio and his children manage the complex, which has been transformed into an exclusive relais. The medieval rural village retains the Chapel and the Master's Villa, now converted into a farmhouse.

Pieve De' Pitti: The Perfect Setting for a Trendy Wedding

In recent years, as mentioned, Pieve De' Pitti has undergone significant expansions and renovations, becoming an exclusive and refined relais. Surrounded by the woods and vineyards of Alta Valdera, the venue boasts a unique setting, perfect for organizing romantic and trendy weddings.

What makes Pieve De' Pitti even more enchanting is its medieval setting, providing a dreamlike and fairy-tale experience for those who stay there. Surrounded by lush holm oaks and stone buildings, couples and their guests can experience every stage of their wedding here. From the solemn religious ceremony in the private chapel to the Instagrammable banquet among the vineyard rows, the choices are abundant!

The true beating heart of Pieve De' Pitti is undoubtedly its vast park. Rich in bucolic corners, tents, and outdoor seating, it can host glamorous summer weddings. A bonus? You can also take advantage of the area next to the elegant pool for an enviable moonlight post-dinner dance.

Looking for a softer and more traditional solution, suitable for intimate and relaxed banquets? In this case, it's better to opt for the splendid indoor lemon house. Overlooking the cliffs of Volterra, this room is perfect for couples who love simplicity and rustic style. Thanks to its large windows opening onto the surrounding countryside, it can be used as the backdrop for your most romantic wedding photos.

Pieve De' Pitti mette infine a disposizione degli sposi anche le sue accoglienti camere interne. Insieme ai vostri cari potrete prolungare la permanenza all'interno del relais, trasformando il vostro giorno più bello in una splendida vacanza. Coccolati dal preparato staff della struttura, trascorrerete qui una dolcissima luna di miele, che lascerà per sempre un ricordo indelebile nei vostri cuori.

Finally, Pieve De' Pitti provides the newlyweds with its cozy internal rooms. Together with your loved ones, you can extend your stay in the relais, turning your most beautiful day into a splendid vacation. Spoiled by the knowledgeable staff, you will spend a sweet honeymoon here, leaving an indelible memory in your hearts.

Pieve De' Pitti: The Structure of the Venue

The historic Pieve De' Pitti is a renowned Relais nestled in the vineyards of the Volterra countryside. Comprising various medieval buildings, the complex has grown over the centuries around the Castle of Pava and the Chapel of San Giovanni, still used for on-site wedding celebrations.

Pieve De' Pitti is surrounded by a vast centuries-old park, adorned with numerous holm oaks and flower beds. Within it, the different areas of the complex find their places, such as the garden with a modern pool and the ancient master's villa. Here, you can make use of the numerous gazebos and outdoor seating areas, organizing receptions and outdoor cocktails around the pool for up to approximately 300 people.

Inside the villa of Pieve De' Pitti, you will find the splendid lemon house and several rooms for overnight stays. With simple yet extremely elegant lines, the former is a room open directly to the hills of the area. Characterized by a spectacular wooden ceiling and large arched windows, the lemon house is perfect for intimate events, hosting up to about 100 guests.

What truly makes the venue unique and exclusive is the possibility of accessing the vineyards owned by the relais. Here, you can serve aperitifs and banquets, accommodating up to approximately 200 guests. Pieve De' Pitti is truly a charming residence with a wealth of options, making you feel like you're living a sweet dream. If you're looking for a historic yet versatile location, we are sure it won't disappoint.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pieve De' Pitti

  • Where is Pieve De' Pitti located? Pieve De' Pitti is located among the vineyards of Alta Valdera, in Terricciola, in the province of Pisa.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding inside Pieve De' Pitti? Certainly. You can organize the photoshoot and reception within the beautiful park and the master's villa. The ancient consecrated chapel and the relais vineyards are also available to the newlyweds.
  • Does Pieve De' Pitti have a restaurant? Pieve De' Pitti does not have an internal catering service. The newlyweds are free to choose a catering service for their event, which can access the workspaces provided by the venue.
  • What events can be celebrated at Pieve De' Pitti? Inside Pieve De' Pitti, you can organize your most important celebrations. The venue is open to weddings and private parties. Additionally, you can host your meetings and corporate events here.
  • Can Pieve De' Pitti host business meetings? Certainly. Pieve De' Pitti provides its internal and external spaces for the organization of events and conventions. The venue is equipped with the best technologies and every comfort. It will be the ideal location for retreats and brainstorming.
  • Can I stay overnight at Pieve De' Pitti? Yes, Pieve De' Pitti is also a renowned relais. There are 5 rooms in the villa and 3 apartments in the adjacent farmhouse.

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