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Wedding photographer in Tenuta di Artimino, Tuscany.

The venue Tenuta di Artimino is one of the facilities I have appreciated the most during my experience as a wedding photographer in Tuscany. I have gathered all the most important information to allow you to learn about the history, and structure, and answer the most frequently asked questions about the villa. Enjoy reading!

Tenuta di Artimino: the history

Tenuta di Artimino is a splendid historic complex dating back to the late 16th century. The property is located in Carmignano, among the vineyards of the Prato countryside. The first official historical records of the property date back to 1596, when it was commissioned by Grand Duke Ferdinando I De' Medici. Tenuta di Artimino includes, in fact, a splendid Medici villa, La Ferdinanda, created as a hunting and holiday residence.

In the following centuries within the walls of the complex passed many illustrious names. In 1608, for example, Galileo Galilei was invited by Ferdinand I to become tutor to his son Cosimo. Inside the kitchens, however, an ancient rotisserie designed by Leonardo Da Vinci is still on display. There is also no shortage of prestigious frescoes by Domenico Cresti, Bernardino Poccetti and Flemish painter Giusto Utens.

In 1782 the Artimino estate was sold by Grand Duke Peter Leopold of Lorraine to Marquis Lorenzo Bartolomei. Later, in 1848, the complex passed by inheritance to the Passerini counts, who sold it in 1911 to the Maraini family. The latter devoted themselves to an initial restoration and expansion of the complex, building a new hall around 1930.

With the outbreak of World War II, however, the Artimino estate was severely damaged. A second lightning restoration was thus commissioned, completed as early as the spring of 1945. In 1979 the mansion was then purchased by the Riva family, who, however, decided to resell part of the structure's furnishings and artistic heritage. Tenuta di Artimino with its splendid villa was declared a UNESCO heritage site in 2013. The complex is now home to a conference and hotel center, in which private events and weddings can be held.

Tenuta di Artimino: the perfect setting for an elegant wedding

The splendid Tenuta di Artimino is one of the most beautiful and luxurious Medici residences in the Tuscan countryside. Open to the splendid hills and vineyards of Prato, the structure now presents a perfect mix of seventeenth-century elements and modern comforts. For this reason, it will be the perfect setting for an elegant and timeless wedding.

Surrounded by a romantic park populated by centuries-old trees and rare plants, Tenuta di Artimino gives the bride and groom and their guests moments of pure magic. Under the verdant foliage, you can organize your exciting civil ceremony, opting for a romantic American ceremony. Also here you can then realize your cinematic wedding shoot, getting princely shots. Do you prefer a more rustic country setting? Then ask for access to the vineyards and olive groves of the mansion, they will leave you speechless!

Inside the garden of Tenuta di Artimino, however, you will find numerous equipped areas in which to offer your loved ones a cool welcome drink. Thanks to the complex's modern swimming pool, this area will be perfect for hosting the most youthful and trendy weddings, suitable for young couples. A short walk from here, however, leads to Biagio Pignatta's more elegant gazebo. Featuring large windows open to the vineyards, this space welcomes glamorous yet informal wedding banquets.

For those, on the other hand, who wish to organize a more traditional and princely reception, Tenuta di Artimino provides its indoor halls. With refined and sumptuous lines, these accommodate luxury and bon-ton banquets, giving you and your guests a fairytale reception. Thanks to the hall's large windows, you can still enjoy a breathtaking view of the property's park, which will give intimacy and sweetness to your event.

Tenuta di Artimino is truly one of the most evocative wedding locations, capable of leaving an indelible memory in your heart. Whatever your wedding idea is, we are sure that it will not disappoint you, giving you the Yes you have always dreamed of.

Tenuta di Artimino: the structure of the location

The majestic Tenuta di Artimino is a historic mansion of 16th-century origin. Enlarged and refined over the centuries, the mansion is one of the Medici villas declared a UNESCO heritage site. The complex consists of numerous areas and buildings, including the splendid Villa La Ferdinanda and the Romanesque Pieve dei Santi Maria e Leonardo. The latter is an ancient little church dating back to the 11th century, in which you can celebrate your religious rite.

Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, Tenuta di Artimino also houses a vast centuries-old park and a splendid Italian garden. The latter also features newer elements, such as the modern swimming pool and the elegant Biagio Pignatta gazebo. All of these spaces can be used for organizing every stage of your celebrations, from the civil ceremony to the late-night dj-set.

Accessing, on the other hand, the majestic Villa La Ferdinanda, you can visit its splendid inner halls. Today expertly renovated, they are certainly the most evocative and luxurious rooms of the estate. Here, it is possible to admire the numerous frescoes of the complex between courses, living a truly exclusive experience.

Finally, Tenuta di Artimino also makes available to newlyweds and their loved ones its numerous apartments and rooms. The mansion is part of a prestigious 4-star hotel, equipped with every comfort. Tenuta di Artimino is truly a princely location, enchanting its visitors with its elegant and refined lines. Vast, well-kept and managed by a highly trained staff, we are sure it will exceed your every expectation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tenuta di Artimino

  • Where is Tenuta di Artimino located? Tenuta di Artimino is located in Carmignano, surrounded by the vineyards and olive groves of the gentle province of Prato.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding inside Tenuta di Artimino? Certainly. You will be able to organize the civil and religious rite, the shooting and the reception inside the park, the Salons of the Villa and all the adjoining areas. The complex, moreover, offers the possibility of organizing Kosher weddings within it.
  • Is there a restaurant inside Tenuta di Artimino? Tenuta di Artimino features an in-house gourmet restaurant. The facility's menus are adaptable to different needs and tastes. However, it is possible to collaborate with an outside caterer of your choice.
  • What events is it possible to celebrate at Tenuta di Artimino? Within Tenuta di Artimino it is possible to organize your most important celebrations. The facility is open for weddings and private parties. In addition, you can organize your meetings and corporate events here.
  • Can Tenuta di Artimino host business meetings? Certainly. Tenuta di Artimino provides indoor and outdoor spaces for the organization of events and conventions. The facility is equipped with the best technologies and every comfort. 
  • Can I stay overnight inside Tenuta di Artimino? Yes, next to the villa is the Hotel di Tenuta di Artimino. Carved out of the former Medici Paggeria, it houses 36 rooms inside. In the Borgo di Artimino, on the other hand, there are 65 units including apartments and residences, divided into various categories. In particular, there is a Master Suite, with a dining room, kitchen, living room, guest room and two bathrooms.

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