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The location of Villa dei Vescovi is one of the structures that I have most appreciated during my experience as a wedding photographer in Padova. I have collected all the most important information, to allow you to get to know the history, the structure and answer the most frequently asked questions about the villa. Enjoy the reading!

Villa dei Vescovi: the history

Villa dei Vescovi is a refined residence located in Luvigliano, a hamlet of Torreglia, in the province of Padua. Built according to the canons of the ancient Venetian villas, the residence was erected between 1535 and 1542, according to a design inspired by the architecture of the Roman domus. The villa was built on the ashes of an earlier medieval church, becoming a summer residence for the bishops of Padua.

The structure was modified and enlarged into today's Villa dei Vescovi in the following decades. Construction work began in 1529 and was not completed until 1543. The project was entrusted to the famous architect Giovanni Maria Falconetto and his pupil Andrea da Valle. Later, the complex was embellished with numerous stuccoes and frescoes, becoming the favourite haunt of important men of letters of the time.

During the 18th century, Villa dei Vescovi was further modified, creating a large central hall and new smaller rooms. For the next two centuries, the complex remained the property of the Bishops of Padua. During the Second World War, however, it was occupied by the Germans, who caused extensive damage to the interiors. 

In 1962, Villa dei Vescovi was purchased by Vittorio and Giuliana Olcese, who restored it, turning it into their summer residence. Thanks to their unceasing work, the splendid frescoes in the mansion were brought back to their former glory.

In 2005, the residence was declared a national monument and became part of the FAI properties. After a series of new renovations, Villa dei Vescovi was opened in 2011 for visits, exclusive events and weddings. In addition, the structure offers the possibility to stay overnight inside by reservation.

Villa dei Vescovi: the perfect setting for a rustic wedding 

Villa dei Vescovi is one of the most evocative and characteristic places in the Paduan countryside. Located within the marvellous park of the Euganean Hills, the structure offers its guests glimpses of rare beauty and poetry. For this reason, it will be the perfect setting for bucolic weddings of great visual impact.

Villa dei Vescovi is an enviable location in which to celebrate your wedding in the sweetest of ways. Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, the structure will offer you and your guests enchanting views. Strolling through the centuries-old trees in its well-kept garden, in fact, it is impossible not to fall in love with this corner of paradise. And it is precisely here, among the verdant foliage and flowerbeds, that you will be able to realise a romantic and fairytale wedding shoot

On hot summer days, you can then enjoy a relaxing aperitif on the splendid panoramic terrace at the top of the entrance steps. For the banquet, on the other hand, the romantic loggia of the Villa dei Vescovi is ready to welcome you with its refined simplicity. This intimate space will be elegant and cosy for traditional and rustic receptions

From here, it is also possible to access the large inner hall, where one can admire the marvellous frescoes of the complex. Usable for lunches and dinners, the hall will be the most suitable choice for the most demanding newlyweds looking for an elegant and exclusive setting.

Villa dei Vescovi is truly an evocative venue, capable of making its guests experience moments of pure magic. Whatever your wedding style or idea, we are sure it will be the perfect location for your most beautiful day.

Villa dei Vescovi: the structure of the location

Villa dei Vescovi, as we have seen, is a luxurious residence set amidst the vineyards of the gentle Veneto countryside. The structure stands out in the Euganean Hills Park because of its unmistakable architecture. In fact, the late Renaissance complex stands on a terrace, dominating the surrounding vineyards.

Villa dei Vescovi has a verdant inner park, in which a perfectly manicured Italian garden exists. Surrounded by four tall monumental portals, at its end is the double flight of steps leading to the manor house. Below the latter is a rustic portico, which the bride and groom can use for the celebration of their civil ceremony.

Going up to the upper floor, one reaches the large panoramic terrace of Villa dei Vescovi. From here, it is possible both to access the complex's main floor and ascend further into the charming covered loggia. Both spaces are made available to the bride and groom for the organisation of their event. 

The interior of the building features simple but extremely elegant decorations. Here, it is possible to admire part of the frescoes recovered during the restoration. These are mostly landscapes and mythological scenes, interspersed with stuccoes and niches. On the other hand, the external loggia features a delicate decoration of pergolas and vine shoots, created by the Flemish artist Lambert Sustris. Lastly, there is a small guesthouse with accommodation for overnight stays. 

Villa dei Vescovi, with its history and beauty, is able to enchant all its guests. It is definitely for you if you are looking for an elegant, rustic, extremely well-kept location. You can live a daydream in this magical place, making your wedding even more special.

Frequently Asked Questions About Villa dei Vescovi

  • Where is Villa dei Vescovi located? Villa dei Vescovi is located in Luvigliano, a hamlet of Torreglia, in the province of Padua. The structure is located within the Euganean Hills Park.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding at the Villa dei Vescovi? Certainly. You can organise the civil ceremony, the shooting and the reception inside the structure and in all the adjoining areas. 
  • Is there a restaurant inside Villa dei Vescovi? Villa dei Vescovi does not have an in-house restaurant service. However, the staff of the complex can provide you with a list of trusted external partners. You can also organise your banquet with a caterer of your choice.
  • What events can be celebrated at the Villa dei Vescovi? Inside Villa dei Vescovi you can organise your most important celebrations. The structure, in fact, is open for weddings and private events. You can also organise your meetings, corporate events, parties and cultural events.
  • Can Villa dei Vescovi host business meetings? Certainly. Villa dei Vescovi makes its halls and large garden available for organising events and conventions. The rooms are equipped with every comfort and feature technologically advanced equipment.
  • Can I stay overnight at the Villa dei Vescovi? Inside Villa dei Vescovi there is a guesthouse where you can stay. There are also several hotels and B&Bs in the vicinity.

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