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The location of Villa Gera is one of the structures that I have most appreciated during my experience as a wedding photographer in Treviso. I have collected all the most important information, to allow you to get to know the history, the structure and answer the most frequently asked questions about the villa. Enjoy the reading!

Villa Gera: the history

Villa Gera is a historic mansion dating back to the 19th century that stands in Conegliano, in the province of Treviso. The structure is situated on Colle di Giano, just below the town's famous medieval castle. Commissioned by Bartolomeo Gera, a nobleman originally from Candide, the mansion was designed in 1827 by renowned architect Giuseppe Jappelli.

In 1837, when construction was completed, Villa Gela was embellished with splendid frescoes, commissioned from Giovanni De Min. In particular, a splendid cycle was created inside the main hall of the mansion, representing historical-mythological episodes. Later, in 1844, a second fresco was painted in the eastern hall, this time depicting the landing of St. Sheba in Constantinople.

Because of its strategic location, during the early twentieth century Villa Gera was occupied by the Germans. Still visible today are some signs of their passage during both world wars, which caused extensive damage to the structure. In particular, part of the frescoes in the mansion were destroyed in 1943, due to a fire that broke out inside the halls.

With the death of the last male descendant of the Gera family in 1951, the mansion was inherited by Giulia Gera Minucci. The latter settled there with her husband, General Guido Sinopoli, beginning a thorough restoration of the complex. Still owned by the Gera-Minucci family, today Villa Gera has returned to its former glory, opening its doors to visitors. A coveted location for cultural and publicity events, the structure is also made available for the organization of weddings and receptions.

Villa Gera: the perfect setting for a princely wedding

The romantic Villa Gera, thanks to its privileged position on Colle di Giano, is one of the most sought-after wedding locations in the Veneto region. Set below the majestic Conegliano Castle, this splendid structure enjoys a breathtaking view of this sweet area. Rich in frescoes and lovely spaces, Villa Gera is the perfect setting for princely and exclusive weddings, suitable for the most demanding couples.

Thanks to its enchanting beauty, Villa Gera offers its guests corners with great visual impact, an ideal backdrop for fairytale photo shoots. You can, in fact, realize here your dreamy wedding book, while walking with your sweetheart inside the elegant garden of the complex. On hot summer days, this bucolic green space will then host your outdoor aperitif and reception, offering you and your guests an unparalleled view of beautiful Conegliano.

If you prefer, however, to hold a luxurious banquet, you will find in the splendid Salons of Villa Gera everything you have always dreamed of. The large main hall, in fact, hosts glamorous and exclusive events inside, suitable for bon ton weddings. Surrounded by evocative frescoes, we are sure you will leave all your guests speechless as they gaze in awe at the painted vaults between courses of your delicious banquet.

Whatever your idea of a wedding, Villa Gera will know how to make your wedding day unforgettable. If you are looking for a unique, intimate and refined location, we are sure you will have the most beautiful experience of your life here.

Villa Gera: the structure of the location

The elegant Villa Gera stands at the foot of the famous Conegliano Castle, on a hill directly overlooking the town. Enclosed by thick walls, the structure was built in perfect neoclassical style by renowned architect Giuseppe Jappelli.

The refined facade of the mansion features a wide pronaos with ten Ionic columns and a sculpted pediment. The latter contains, in fact, a work by Canovian sculptor Marco Casagrande, entitled Architecture Welcomes Sister Arts.

Villa Gera is surrounded by a well-kept Italianate garden, within which are several terraces open to the valley below. Usable during the summer, this beautiful green space can accommodate about 200 people. These can also be seated inside the mansion's refined portico, perfect for a welcome aperitif or the cutting of the cake.

The true pride of the facility, however, are its refined interiors. Villa Gera's spacious frescoed salons contain, in fact, an artistic heritage of inestimable value. Usable for luncheons and dinners for up to 100 participants, they feature splendid crystal chandeliers and refined drapery. Here it is possible to admire a cycle of paintings created by Giovanni De Min, depicting episodes from the life of Julius Caesar.

Villa Gera is truly a precious little gem of the Treviso countryside that will leave your guests speechless. A luxurious and well-kept location, we are sure it will give you moments of pure magic and romance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Villa Gera

  • Where is Villa Gera located? Villa Gera is located in Conegliano, in the province of Treviso. The structure is located on Colle di Giano, just below the town's famous medieval castle.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding inside Villa Gera? Certainly. You will be able to organize the shooting and reception inside the structure and in all the adjoining areas. The entire complex is exclusively dedicated to your celebration. In addition, you can also celebrate your civil ceremony upon request.
  • Is there a restaurant inside Villa Gera? Villa Gera does not feature an in-house catering service. You can therefore freely hire a catering service for your event or rely on a trusted partner of the facility.
  • What events is it possible to celebrate at Villa Gera? Inside Villa Gera it is possible to organize your most important celebrations. In fact, the facility is open for weddings and private parties. You can, in addition, organize your meetings, corporate and cultural events here.
  • Can Villa Gera host business meetings? Certainly. Villa Gera has been chosen by major companies for their events and advertising campaigns. The facility makes its indoor and outdoor spaces available, providing organizers with the best technologies.
  • Can I stay overnight inside Villa Gera? Unfortunately, the Villa does not have any accommodations or suites. However, you can find several hotels and apartments in which to stay around the facility.

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