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The location of Villa Mattarana is one of the structures that I have most appreciated during my experience as a wedding photographer in Verona. I have collected all the most important information, to allow you to get to know the history, the structure and answer the most frequently asked questions about the villa. Enjoy the reading!

Villa Mattarana: the history

The beautiful Villa Mattarana stands among the fields just outside Verona, at the foot of Lessinia Park. The name of the complex comes from that of a 13th-century abbess, "Mater Anna." This historic structure was probably built at the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries at the behest of the Visconti family. However, the first official document of Villa Mattarana dates back to 1255, when the property was donated to the Benedictine monastery of San Michele.

During the following centuries, Villa Mattarana passed from owner to owner, reaching its current appearance during the 16th century. The structure was acquired by several noble families, such as the Verità and Nichesola families, who dedicated themselves to the expansion of the complex. After passing to the Counts Murari della Corte Brà, the mansion was then embellished with splendid interior frescoes. These include especially the works executed by Paolo Caliari, known as the "Veronese," and by Bernardino India, a collaborator of Palladio.

In recent times, Villa Mattarana was purchased by a private company. After being completely renovated, the complex has returned to its 15th-century splendor. Open for weddings, private events and meetings, the structure is now one of the most exclusive locations in the Verona area.

Villa Mattarana: the perfect setting for an elegant wedding

Villa Mattarana is one of the oldest and best preserved Venetian villas. It is, in fact, a former agricultural mansion nestled in the countryside surrounding Verona. Thanks to its haunting beauty and the rich artistic heritage within its walls, Villa Mattarana is now chosen by brides and grooms who want to organize a refined and elegant wedding.

Walking along the manicured paths of Villa Mattarana, it is really impossible not to fall in love with the structure. Romantic, bucolic and dreamy, the mansion boasts fairy-tale corners that will make every moment of your wedding unforgettable. And it is right here, among the centuries-old trees and beautiful geometric hedges, that you can organize your evocative summer event.

Within the vast park, in fact, you can not only celebrate your civil ceremony, but also arrange numerous tables in which to serve the welcome drink and the actual banquet. This incredible natural setting will be perfect for couples who wish to experience an elegant and trendy wedding. From shabby chic to the more traditional style, thanks to the prepared staff of Villa Mattarana your every request will be fulfilled.

Villa Mattarana then also makes its historic frescoed halls and two barchesse available for your celebrations. Able to accommodate even the largest groups, they will be the perfect choice for the organization of the most exclusive weddings, which will remain imprinted in the hearts of your guests for a long time. In the halls inside the manor house, in fact, you can serve a princely and bon ton banquet, while the barchesse will be more suitable for convivial and relaxed receptions.

Finally, more traditional couples can celebrate their solemn religious rite directly on site, taking advantage of the complex's intimate private chapel. Whatever your preference, Villa Mattarana will make your most beautiful day unique. Between art, culture and nature, we are sure you will find everything you desire here.

Villa Mattarana: the structure of the location

Villa Mattarana, as we have seen, stands just outside the center of the beautiful city of Verona. Surrounded by green fields, the structure is famous for its priceless artistic and cultural heritage. Stepping through the tall gates of the complex, elegantly covered in ivy, visitors are immediately transported to a small 15th-century village.

Villa Mattarana, in fact, consists of several buildings, including the main body, two barchesse, stables, cellars and an ancient consecrated church. The latter, embellished with frescoes by Bernardino India, is made available for the celebration of religious weddings on site.

Each building is gently embraced by the vast park of Villa Mattarana, within which are century-old trees and flower beds, which fade elegantly into a manicured Italian garden. Decorated with numerous geometric hedges, this space is made available for the organization of your summer events and features numerous marquees that can be used for buffets and aperitifs.

Passing, on the other hand, through the tall gate of the Villa, you enter the large inner halls. These are varied spaces of different sizes, decorated with stucco and frescoes. In particular, the halls made available for wedding planning are:

  • The Hall of Paris
  • The Hall of the Emperors
  • The Hall of the Four Seasons
  • The Hall of Coats of Arms
  • The Hall of Landscapes
  • The Hall of the Methods
  • The Ancient Kitchen

Finally, should the event exceed one hundred participants, it is possible to access the large barchesse. Featuring a high wooden ceiling, mezzanines and large windows, the two barchesse can accommodate up to 300 guests.

Villa Mattarana is truly a grand location in which to spend unforgettable moments. Thanks to the wide choice and diversity of its environments, we are sure it will be able to fulfill your every wish.

Frequently Asked Questions About Villa Mattarana

  • Where is Villa Mattarana located? Villa Mattarana stands among the fields on the outskirts of Verona, at the foot of Lessinia Park.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding inside Villa Mattarana? Certainly. You will be able to organize the shooting and reception inside the structure and in all the adjoining areas. The entire complex is exclusively dedicated to your celebration. In addition, you can also celebrate your religious ceremony inside the consecrated church upon request.
  • Is there a restaurant inside Villa Mattarana? Villa Mattarana does not feature an in-house restaurant service. However, a space is available for kitchen use that can be used for the preparation of your banquet. However, the Villa can recommend a trusted outside caterer should you lack one.
  • What events is it possible to celebrate at Villa Mattarana? Inside Villa Mattarana it is possible to organize your most important celebrations. In fact, the facility is open for weddings and private parties. You can also organize your meetings, corporate and cultural events here.
  • Can Villa Mattarana host business meetings? Certainly. Villa Mattarana provides its indoor and outdoor spaces for the organization of events and conventions.
  • Can I stay overnight inside Villa Mattarana? Unfortunately, the Villa does not have accommodations or suites. However, you can find several hotels and apartments in which to stay directly in Verona.

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