Right in the middle of the fall season Silvia and Gilles celebrated their love in a unique and original wedding, with the theme “A Nightmare Before Christmas”. The celebration and mood of the wedding were inspired by dark, intense colors and singular decorations.

An exceptional and atypical wedding that reflected the newlyweds’ spirit, their passions and their hearts. This was a fall ceremony that had to be remembered by unforgettable pictures.

Celebration and reception at the restaurant Cà delle Anfore

This wedding’s uniqueness was already present at the beginning of the day when Silvia and Gilles were preparing themselves. These two young lovebirds have made uniqueness their trademark.
The couple prepared in two separate locations. The moments right before the wedding are very significant, and they’re often filled with thrill and trepidation. It’s a moment of waiting before the couple finally meets to promise each other everlasting love.

The bride chose a darker wedding dress, with a sleeveless bodice covered by a delicate pearl grey tulle, which then opened in a wide and romantic skirt. The dark make-up perfectly matched the dress and enhanced the bride’s eyes and lips.
The groom was very original, too: the chose a dark suit with a Mandarin collar and a white on black decoration on the jacket.
The precious bouquet was matching, too. There were dark purple calla flowers with a heart of white and orange roses.

Both the ceremony and the reception were held at the restaurant Cà delle Anfore in Quart d’Altino. The restaurant is surrounded by the vast natural park of Sile, where you can admire a small like with a waterfall. The civil ceremony was enjoyed by everyone, and the exchange of promises was a moment of pure love and tenderness.
The decorations and set up of the location were characterized by extremely romantic, lively and deep colors, which expressed the creativity of the newlyweds.

The wedding photoshoot captured the most beautiful moments of the day: the ceremony, the first dance of the couple, and then the newlyweds in the outside park. During these moments the camera really immortalized the sweetness of Silvia and Gilles. They took some time from the party to take some of the most expressive pictures of the photoshoot.
The garden, during the fall season, is a triumph of warm and balanced colors. This is the real charm of an wedding in autumn. It’s a season that is often disregarded, but it truly has a very romantic and elegant atmosphere.

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