Romantic, classic and very touching. This was Carolina and Andrea’s wedding, a union of two similar spirits which was celebrated according to Italian traditions.
This open-air wedding has been captured in beautiful and exciting pictures. Both the newlyweds and the guests slowly became familiar with the camera, letting it accompany them during the day.

The celebrations were held in different locations, each with its own special meaning to the couple. From the religious ceremony, to the party at the restaurant, up to the open-air photoshoot. Every single place evoked joyful and heartfelt, unforgettable moments.

Borgo Ronchetto, a traditional, intimate wedding

The religious celebration was held at Cavriè Church, a small parish church with ancient origins. It had been destroyed during the war, and then rebuilt in all its splendor. The flower arrangement was very colorful: red and orange flowers, paired with lush greenery peppered the aisle and the altar, transforming everything in a lively and colorful place.

The bride wore a classic dress, with thin lace shoulder straps. The same embroidered lace covered the whole dress up to the soft, candid white skirt. The veil was surrounded by a green crown of flowers, a sweet and bucolic touch that gave the bride’s hairdo elegance and simplicity.
The bouquet reflected the vivacious wedding’s mood, with sunflowers, roses and red berries, a triumph of color.

The groom opted for a classic blue navy three-piece suit with a white tie, paired with a white shirt dress. Its boutonniere was a single white rose, very elegant and refined.

The party was held at the Hotel and restaurant Borgo Ronchetto, where there the reception was also held. Thanks to the games and funny pranks all the guests greatly enjoyed themselves. Every moment was captured by the camera. The party was full of the traditional games and entertainment of Italian weddings.
How could we miss the long-awaited bouquet toss? Here’s the moment right before the lucky lady caught it.
The first dance between the two newlyweds was very touching, it’s impossible not to notice the affectionate gazes, and the loving smiles that the couple exchanged during the day.

Perhaps the most romantic moment was the photoshoot at the Casa delle Fate (Fairy House) in Salgareda: a marvelous green background that surrounded the bride and groom for unforgettable pictures. The ethereal charm of this green place made it the perfect location to wrap up the photoshoot.

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