Love wins every challenge, even the bad weather! Serena and Mauro got married during a rainy day, but that doesn’t mean that there weren’t enough beautiful pictures to be taken. Those pictures are the proof of this special day’s excitement.

The civil wedding was held in Montebelluna, with friends and family of the couple. The newlyweds were able to celebrate with the heartfelt participation of their guests, and they also were able to feel more confident in front of the camera. The discreet yet professional presence of a professional photographer was fundamental to create romantic and thrilling pictures.

Wedding in Montebelluna, a party to be remembered

In the cozy and quiet Montebelluna Serena and Mauro exchanged their love promises in a civil celebration at the Istrana town hall.
When the couple joined their guests everyone was very excited and happy to see them.

The bride wore an elegant lace dress, with transparent half-sleeves and a cinched waist enhanced by a small belt with a bow. The refined elegance of the bride was perfectly matched with the groom’s, who was wearing a classic charcoal grey suit with a white shirt and a dark cravat. A classic and elegant couple, admired by friends and family.

Despite the cloudy weather, there were moments in which the sun shined, and the couple was able to pose for some lovely pictures in the garden of the restaurant Ai Gelsi, the location of their reception.
The vast park allowed them to take romantic, tender and funny pictures. Montebelluna’s hills were the perfect natural background to these really authentic moments.
Even though a couple might feel intimidated by the camera at first, they can also let their true feelings shine through during their wedding.

There also were a lot of funny and entertaining moments with the guests: pranks, games, laughter and a lot of music. These are the things that must be present at a wedding reception, and Serena and Mauro’s one definitely respected our traditions.
The wedding photoshoot captured moments between the newlyweds but also other relaxed and natural moments among the guests.
Every wedding can offer a lot of chances to take a picture of sweet, romantic, joyous and lively moments. That is why every photoshoot has many pictures, starting from the couple’s preparation (usually in two different locations) up until the ceremony (civil or religious) and the party reception.

The bride and groom also have the chance to choose which moments they deem more important, and so they can customize their photoshoot and tailor it to their needs. The synergy between pictures, feelings and the wedding’s mood are fundamental to create the best photoshoot.

Wedding photographer in Treviso

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I like to define myself as a photographer of emotions, rather than a wedding photographer. Photography, to an extent, can dig out our soul and lay bare our feelings. I love details because they are the key to the story of a wedding reportage. Forever passionate about photography, I’ve found my own vision in the shooting, which, discreetly, allow me to capture the authenticity that is hardly enhanced by other techniques.

I love discretion because we all feel vulnerable in front of the lens.

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