Wedding at Papadopoli Giol Castle: Aurora and Fabiano

Can a gloomy day transform itself into a dream wedding day? The answer is yes!
Every special day can be wonderful, emotional and full of excitement like Aurora and Fabiano’s wedding.

The two fiancés’ day started with a rainy day, but as we say in Italy “a wet bride is a lucky bride”, so a wedding photoshoot cannot stop because of a few raindrops.
This is the reason why every moment has been taken advantage of, from the ceremony to the party, and every second of sunny weather has been used to photograph beautiful pictures.

Papadopoli Giol Castle, a fairy tale wedding

A wedding in a castle is a place full of charm, elegance and refinement. This is why many couples choose it to celebrate their wedding.
Aurora and Fabiano chose it for their civil celebration and their party location. The rain didn’t stop them, and they eventually chose to celebrate their marriage inside the castle, in a romantic place with a classical architecture.

Both the bride and groom were very excited and happy even before meeting each other: these joyful moments with their friends and family were photographed in their respective rooms.
The bride wore a beautiful and princess-like white dress, with a wide skirt, decorated with lace up to the heart-shaped neckline, with added transparent fabric on the shoulders. The bouquet was original and romantic: instead of a traditional bundle of flowers, the bride had a circle made of natural wood and a flower composition with pastel colors.
The groom wore a three-piece suit with a Mandarin collar and silver buttons, with a small bundle of roses as its boutonniere.

The party continued at Papadopoli Giol castle, and the whole wedding’s mood was based on delicate pastel-colored flowers and elegant details. The table was set with the same pastel colors and wooden decorations in original shapes.

Both the elegant, lavish and magnificent castle’s rooms and the lush park were used as background for beautiful pictures of the bride and groom. During these brief moments without rain, Aurora and Fabiano were able to express the lovely and unique tenderness in their pictures typical of newlyweds.

There were also a lot of pictures of friends and family, games, photoboot sessions and naturally, the wedding cake. Joyful involvement was the keyword for this party, a feeling clearly showing on the happy faces of all the guests.
The bouquet toss was also captured! A smaller version of the bride’s bouquet with pink roses was tossed among the group of female friends and relatives.

Wedding photographer Treviso

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