Every love story can have its own special day. That day was Sonia and Francesco’s, whom joined each other in their wedding day with a peculiar and heartfelt ceremony.
The open-air wedding was made even more special thanks to the honor guard that welcomed the couple of newlyweds at the end of the ceremony.

The pictures were taken both during the day and the night, and they were able to capture the most significant moments of the day, including the sweet and tender ones between the bride and groom.

Outdoor wedding with a special ceremony

Sonia and Francesco’s day started slowly and accurately, while the two prepared themselves to finally meet each other and be joined in matrimony.
The bride’s preparation was held in a gentle and cozy atmosphere. She put on her make, did her hair and finally wore her dress: a romantic wedding dress with a voluminous skirt and a heart-shaped bodice dotted with crystals. The groom chose something less traditional: he wore his uniform.

The open-air wedding was decorated with white and ivory roses, the same colors of the bride’s bouquet: a simple yet elegant composition.

The civil ceremony was held in Villa Braida and was very heartfelt. The bride could hardly contain her tears of happiness during her promises. The exchange of rings was captured in unforgettable pictures, filled with excitement.
The most original part of the ceremony was at the end, when the newlyweds passed through an honor guard made of the groom’s guests. This unique moment is surely going to be remembered by everyone.

The party reception continued in the chosen location, where the celebrations finally soared, and the newlyweds were able to take very beautiful pictures. Villa Braida is located in Mogliano Veneto, a very elegant and refined location immersed in quietness. It’s a very evocative place for a wedding reception.

There were games with soap bubbles, romantic pictures and the traditional bouquet toss: every moment was made into beautiful, colorful pictures. The lush and green background contributed to the creation of marvelous photographs.
Among the most beautiful moments there were the lively dances and the release of dozens of white balloons, which symbolized the union between Sonia and Francesco.

When the night came the newlyweds took some time to be photographed in some of the most romantic and tender pictures, with the soft lights shining on them. Every wedding photoshoot must capture both the convivial moments with the guests and the party, as well as the simplest, most authentic ones with the couple.

Wedding photographer Treviso

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