Wedding at Azienda Agricola Castelvecchio: Federica and Yassine

Wedding Azienda Agricola Castelvecchio Federica and Yassine Matteo Braghetta Destination Wedding Photographer

Two different souls from different places, united by their love. Federica and Yassine’s wedding was sweet, simple and heartfelt.
This couple comes from Finland, but she has Italian origins, while he’s from Morocco. They contributed to create a welcoming, heartwarming atmosphere in an open-air wedding in which every precious moment was captured by the camera.

Following such a young and loving couple in their very important first step as newlyweds is always very exciting, and the pictures taken during that day are its most important witnesses.

Castelvecchio Sagrado, a romantic wedding

As every professional wedding photoshoot, Federica and Yassine’s big day starts with the couple separated, and then continues in their joining during the actual marriage ceremony.
Federica has been photographed in the intimacy of her home, surrounded by friends and family, while she was wearing her simple but beautiful wedding dress. The line of the dress hugged snugly her curves, was sleeveless and with a deep back line. The bride’s look was completed with an elegant hairdo and a veil with lace.

The groom was waiting excitedly at the entrance of Grado’s city hall, where they celebrated their civil union. The groom was wearing an elegant and classic dark suit, with a matching cravat, and a white boutonniere that was similar to the bride’s white bouquet.

The exchange of promises and rings is a moment always full of excitement and trepidation, and the couple’s very own exchange didn’t disappoint. They were welcomed with a shower of rice grain when they came outside the city hall. The couple couldn’t contain their happiness.

The celebration continued at the Castelvecchio Farm, located on a picturesque plateau that oversees the mountains. This charming place is the perfect wedding venue for those couples who would like to celebrate in a quiet, lush location with a timeless beauty.
The most beautiful pictures were taken among the spectacular view; the initial shyness of the couple gave place to familiarity and relaxation.

It was really nice to be able to see different generations from different cultures mixing together to celebrate the joining of two people in love in their first day as a married couple.
During the night the location was filled with fairy lights that created a romantic and uplifting atmosphere. That doesn’t mean that there were not exciting moments: in fact, during the night the music and dances began, with lively songs and colorful lights. There was a lot of participation and enjoyment among the guests and the newlyweds, and all those moments were captured in the photoshoot.

Wedding photographer in Trieste

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