The romantic and lively colors of fall were the protagonists of this exciting wedding. The couple, Sonia and Riccardo, wanted a traditional wedding, surrounded by the love of their friends and family.

This was an open-air wedding characterized by love and involvement, feelings captured by the wedding photoshoot in its finest details. Every loving gaze between the couple was immortalized forever, creating memories that signify the beginning of this great love adventure.
The photoshoot was focused on the couple during an itinerary that followed the Venetian country up until the sea. It captured serious and graceful moments, as well as spontaneous ones. The great chemistry between the bride and groom was the constant element of this photoshoot.

A wedding on the beach among the colorful streets of Caorle

The photoshoot began at the organization of the ceremony: Sonia and Riccardo started their preparations separated, surrounded by their friends, with great trepidation.

The bride chose a beautiful dress with a classic cut, a soft A-line skirt and a laced bodice dotted with crystals. The delicate veil completed the outfit. The bouquet also reflected the romantic mood of the wedding: a round bunch of white roses.
The groom chose a traditional dark three-piece suit with a cravat and a white shirt. The photoshoot also captured tender moments between the bride and groom and their friends and family.

The religious ceremony was held at the La Salute church in Livenza. The church was built in the 20th century and has a simple architecture. It was the perfect location for this tight-knit couple. Despite the fall season having deep and strong colors, the decoration of the church was in pure white.
White is a color very fashionable for weddings, and in this case,  it created an ethereal atmosphere at the ceremony location.
When the bride and groom finally came out of the church the guests excitedly threw the traditional rice grains, among the general happiness.

The celebrations continued at the Al Cacciatore restaurant (Livenza), where the couple projected some of the most beautiful and touching pictures of their love story. These heartfelt moments were enjoyed by both the newlyweds and their guests.

The chemistry between Sonia and Riccardo was truly seen on the colorful streets of Caorle: the lively town was used as background for some exciting pictures of the couple and the guests.
The couple was photographed in a few impactful pictures, from the colorful narrow streets, to the tree-lined boulevards.

Wedding photographer Venice

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