Wedding at Relais Monaco: Luca and Filippo

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A wedding is the pinnacle of love, an event in which to celebrate the bond between two souls who choose each other. And so it was for Luca and Filippo, who joined their lives last June in a place of rare beauty, the Relais Monaco.

However, their love had already been sealed a few months earlier at a pre-wedding photo shoot in magical Lio Piccolo. Here the intimacy of the couple had been captured gently by the camera lens, giving a series of truly evocative shots.

Finally, however, the wedding day had arrived. Love pervaded every corner of the room in which the newlyweds were preparing for the ceremony. In the privacy of the suite, the elegantly hung gowns were ready to be put on. Luke and Philip, sitting on a chest, were carefully preparing themselves, looking at each other excitedly.

They both chose to wear a midnight blue suit, modern and elegant cut, white shirt and a silver vest. They were distinguished only by the color of the tie, which the couple tenderly arranged for each other. In their smiles and looks, all the passion and love they feel for each other was tangible.

The civil ceremony took place in the park of the Relais, under the dance of tree foliage. The chairs, arranged in perfect order, were all occupied by the guests, eager to see the bride and groom. A rustic theme was chosen for the occasion, dominated by gifted ears of corn. The same ones that the bride and groom placed in their jacket pockets before the ceremony.

The ceremony was extremely touching and heartfelt. All the guests were sincerely moved and the couple radiated pure happiness. Reading their vows to each other, Luke and Philip were moved several times and hugged each other tightly. They then emotionally exchanged rings, sealing their love.

A fairytale reception a stone's throw from Treviso

After the congratulations and rice throwing, the couple moved among the rows of the Relais. Here they conducted their bucolic couple photo shoot. Walking embraced under the foliage of the trees, they kissed tenderly, never stopping looking at each other. A chance to capture the love and complicity that will bind them forever.

Meanwhile, the guests moved to the gardens of the Relais Monaco. Here elegant white umbrellas had been set up, under which refreshments were arranged. Sunlight filtered through the leaves of the trees as those present cheerfully celebrated.

The atmosphere was enchanted, almost magical, as if time had stood still. While the guests enjoyed the refreshments, a tightrope walker entertained them with breathtaking acrobatic evolutions. Everyone was enchanted by his skill and bravery, applauding in amazement.

When the bride and groom arrived, the reception proper was begun. The Relais Monaco Hall had been carefully set up to welcome the guests. This featured a very distinctive wooden ceiling, reminiscent of ancient buildings in the Venetian countryside. The tables had been set with white tablecloths and centerpieces made from aromatic plants, which helped to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

During the meal, the bride and groom also gave their loved ones an emotional musical performance, playing the violin and singing with passion and feeling. There was also no shortage of more touching moments, in which a romantic film of the love story between Luke and Philip was shown.

The celebration then reached its climax with the cutting of the cake in the garden, accompanied by a fireworks display that lit up the sky with a thousand colors. The atmosphere was electrifying and everyone got involved in the music and dancing, creating a real party under the stars.

Relais Monaco: the structure

Relais Monaco, located in Ponzano Veneto, was the perfect location for Filippo and Luca's bucolic wedding. From the very first moment you enter the structure, you feel enveloped by its magical and romantic atmosphere. The spacious halls, in fact, are tastefully furnished, creating an elegant and sophisticated ambience.

The Relais Room, where the luncheon was held, enjoys a breathtaking view of the park thanks to its large windows. This space was cleverly designed to offer guests a unique experience. While enjoying a delicious menu, prepared with local and seasonal ingredients, you can admire the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

The spacious gardens of Relais Monaco, where outdoor celebrations are held, are then perfect for a romantic and fairy-tale experience. Here guests can enjoy the warmth of the sunshine and the sweet scent of flowers while enjoying a rich aperitif accompanied by fine wines.

The beauty of Relais Monaco is not only limited to the outdoor spaces. The newlyweds' and guests' rooms are tastefully decorated, offering a unique and unforgettable stay experience. Finally, the professional and courteous staff of the facility will make the events celebrated here even more special.

Relais Monaco is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive and romantic locations in the area, perfect for those who wish to celebrate their wedding in a unique and unforgettable atmosphere. Whatever the style and theme of the wedding celebrated here, we are sure all participants will be left speechless.

Frequently asked questions about Relais Monaco

  • Where is Relais Monaco located? Relais Monaco is located in Ponzano Veneto, a small town in the province of Treviso.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding inside Relais Monaco? Certainly. You will be able to organize the shooting and the reception inside the structure, in the park and in all the adjoining areas.
  • Is there a restaurant inside Relais Monaco? Relais Monaco presents an in-house catering service. Therefore, it is not possible to hire an outside caterer.
  • What events is it possible to celebrate in Relais Monaco? Inside Relais Monaco it is possible to organize your most important celebrations. In fact, the facility is open for weddings and private parties. You can, in addition, organize your meetings, corporate events and gala dinners here.
  • Can Relais Monaco host business meetings? Certainly. Relais Monaco provides its Salons and rooms for the organization of events and conventions. Between historic charm and state-of-the-art technology, you can customize every detail of your event.
  • Can I stay overnight inside Relais Monaco? Yes, Relais Monaco is first and foremost a renowned hotel. In addition, the property has a refined bridal suite, in which the bride and groom can prepare before the event.

Location: Relais Monaco, Ponzano Veneto

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