Bride photos at home: preparation before the wedding

bride photos at home preparation before wedding

Do not think that wedding photos are strictly related to the ceremony or reception; some shots are already taken in the preparation stage. The photography team splits up and goes to both the bride's and groom's houses; traditionally, lovers do not sleep under the same roof, even in case they cohabit. This is not only for tradition but also for pure practicality: both need time and space to get ready and especially the bride with her team of bridesmaids, hair stylists, make-up artists and family members needs a house to herself. The professionals are joined by the wedding photographer who captures every step: from hair styling to make up to dressing. Of course, then there can be no shortage of detail shots to the look such as those to the shoes or jewelry worn, all in a natural way without necessarily requiring poses but stealing the shots so as to truly capture the essence of that day.

The wedding day is one of the most important days in a woman's life, so preparing for it in the best possible way is essential. There are so many things to do and organize, but among all the priorities is undoubtedly to have beautiful photos taken. At the bride's home, before the ceremony, classic group photos with family and friends are customary. In addition, during makeup or hairstyling the most fun and special moments of the preparation can be captured. In short, thanks to the photos the bride will have an indelible memory of everyone who accompanied her in this important moment of her life.

The importance of timing and organization

The first aspect that the bride must consider when choosing a photographer is time management; a good wedding photographer is able to calculate even the unexpected by perfectly managing timing and not delaying everything. One who shoots without requiring poses but offering an authentic reportage style does not slow down operations; in fact, he is practically invisible to the bride, who will continue her preparation operations thanks to the professional's unobtrusive presence.

Bridal preparation photographs: which ones to take?

  • Makeup and hair photos. The bride carefully studies the look of her most beautiful day, doing so with many trials and relying on trusted professionals. Immortalizing the moment of makeup and hairstyle is definitely a good idea. Telling the hours of preparation, stealing some excited expression is the photographer's job.
  • The moment of the dress. Wearing the gown is a thrill; the bride has been waiting for that moment for months, and the shot of the dressing, capturing when mom or a best man or sister fastens zippers and buttons is a ritual moment.
  • Photos at home. Another recurring trend is taking photos at home, especially if they involve other family members. Among the most popular is the glimpse of the bride's father seeing her for the first time in makeup and dress for her wedding day.
  • Shoes, jewelry and details. Very often wedding photographers choose to take pictures of details not necessarily worn but still posed. Jewelry, shoes, accessories are just a few examples.
  • House exit and commute. Other unfailing photos are those of the exit of the house and the walk to the church or the town hall. Those looks and expressions are full of emotion, and being able to see them again after a while is a way to keep the story of that day alive.

These are just a few examples of the bridal photos to take at home, much depends on the photographer's creative flair or the bride's explicit requests. Are you looking for your wedding photographer? My name is Matteo Braghetta and I am a specialized wedding photographer, on my website you can also see the portfolio with lots of shots and stories told.

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