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The location of Villa Rizzi Albarea is one of the structures that I have most appreciated during my experience as a wedding photographer in Venice. I have collected all the most important information, to allow you to get to know the history, the structure and answer the most frequently asked questions about the villa. Enjoy the reading!

Villa Rizzi Albarea: from the Middle Ages to today 

The prestigious Villa Rizzi Albarea is an aristocratic residence built in Pianiga, in the province of Venice. The complex dates back to the 11th century and is among the oldest in the splendid Riviera del Brenta area. Between 1100 and 1700, Villa Rizzi Albarea housed the Monastery of the Sisters of the Order of 'San Biagio e Cataldo'.

Within the perimeter of the Villa, a church was erected that is still visible today, famous for its overlapping styles. Over the centuries, the various abbesses who succeeded one another in the monastery commissioned numerous restorations, embellishing the property. With the suspension of religious orders by Napoleonic decree, the complex was transformed into the present-day Veneto villa. It was thus acquired by the noble Rizzi family, who chose it as their summer residence. 

In the following centuries, the Villa was renovated and embellished with frescoes by artists such as Tiepolo, Tintoretto, Piazzetta and Palma. The Rizzi family's efforts were particularly concentrated on the design of the vast park surrounding the complex. A small lake with an island, several small bridges and a viewing tower were incorporated into it.

The ownership of Villa Rizzi Albarea was thus handed down from generation to generation to the present day. The current heir, Pierluigi Rizzi, has dedicated over thirty years to restyling the structure, opening it up to the organisation of cultural and private events. Villa Rizzi Albarea is also today a renowned B&B hotel in which to spend your holidays.

Villa Rizzi Albarea: the perfect setting for a refined and bucolic wedding 

Villa Rizzi Albarea is one of the most refined and bucolic wedding locations along the banks of the River Brenta. The atmosphere here is enchanting and able to fill visitors' souls with sincere wonder. It is not, in fact, a place like any other. Villa Rizzi Albarea is a true corner of paradise in which to enjoy moments of pure relaxation. For this reason, getting married here means organising a high-class event that is sure to amaze your guests.

Surrounded by greenery, the Villa enjoys a breathtaking view over the gentle Veneto countryside. It will therefore be the perfect setting for your most beautiful day to realise romantic photo shoots. As you stroll through the park, you can also admire the gentle pond here, an ideal backdrop for boho chic events.

During the summer, Villa Rizzi Albarea is truly the most sought-after location for outdoor receptions. You can arrange your tables among the trees and flowering bushes, for an atmosphere suspended between dream and reality. This vast green area will therefore be perfect for princely events, suitable for the most romantic couples.

In addition to its splendid outdoor spaces, Villa Rizzi Albarea also puts its large salons at your disposal. These are rich in frescoes, stuccoes and paintings of inestimable value. Inside the vast portico, you can instead enjoy a more informal reception with an exquisitely rustic flavour. Villa Rizzi Albarea is truly an unmissable location in which to enjoy your most beautiful day. We are sure it will leave an indelible memory in your hearts and in those of all your guests.

Villa Rizzi Albarea: the structure of the location

Villa Rizzi Albarea, as we have seen, stands a short distance from the gentle banks of the River Brenta. The structure therefore enjoys an incomparable panorama, dominated by the enchanting nature of the verdant Veneto countryside. 

Passing through the majestic entrance gate, visitors are greeted by a well-kept Italian-style garden, dominated by the façade of the Villa. This extends over three hectares, turning into a romantic park, in the typical 18th-century style. It is a green lung full of centuries-old trees and rare plants, in which you can admire a splendid artificial lake and a small island. Walking up the avenues and some small bridges, it is possible to reach an elegant panoramic tower, which can be used for wedding shootings.

Entering the interior of Villa Rizzi Albarea, visitors are welcomed into the structure's large halls. Characterised by classical furnishings, the halls are decorated with an endless succession of frescoes, statues and fine stuccoes. The same can also be admired inside the rooms made available for changing and possible overnight stays. 

There is also a splendid covered portico for lovers of the more rustic Veneto style. This features exposed wooden beams and white stone walls, with large windows opening onto the vast park. Villa Rizzi Albarea is an enchanting and unique venue, with an infinite range of proposals. If you are looking for an exclusive location in which to feel pampered, you will not be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Villa Rizzi Albarea

  • Where is Villa Rizzi Albarea located? Villa Rizzi Albarea is located in Pianiga, in the province of Venice. It is surrounded by the gentle Venetian countryside, a short distance from the banks of the River Brenta.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding inside Villa Rizzi Albarea? Certainly. You can organise the shooting and reception inside the structure and in all the adjoining areas. The entire complex is exclusively dedicated to your celebration.
  • Is there a restaurant inside Villa Rizzi Albarea? The Villa does not have an in-house catering service. However, the management of the catering service is entrusted exclusively to Marchioro Catering, which will agree every detail of the reception with the bride and groom.
  • What events can be celebrated at Villa Rizzi Albarea? You can organise your most important celebrations at Villa Rizzi Albarea. The structure is in fact open for weddings and private events. You can also organise your meetings, gala evenings and fashion shows here.
  • Can Villa Rizzi Albarea host business meetings? Certainly. Villa Rizzi Albarea makes its indoor and outdoor spaces available for organising events and conventions. The spaces are equipped with every comfort and feature technologically advanced facilities.
  • Can I stay overnight at Villa Rizzi Albarea? The structure has internal rooms in which to stay overnight, equipped with every comfort. It is, in fact, a renowned B&B hotel, whose rooms feature period furnishings and splendid frescoes. 

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