wedding photographer in venice

Wedding Photographer in Venice

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Venice, I’ll be happy to take you there and get lost with you among the city alley labyrinth, be stunned at the majestic bell tower of Saint Mark Square or the impressive Doge’s Palace and the dreamlike Bridge of Sighs.

Venice is a fascinating place, whose charm breaks free every month of the year. This underlines the amazing capability of the city to transform itself whit the seasonal change.

And then there’s the Rialto Bridge that almost looks over the Grand Canal, the primary waterway of the lagoon city.

There’s no more beautiful and romantic a place than Venice, a unique and unforgettable frame for your wedding.

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Wedding in Villa Foscarini Cornaro: Francesca and Francesco


Wedding in Villa Rosa Tramonte: Paula and Giovanni


Wedding at Ristorante Bacchus: Martina and Davide


Wedding in Castelbrando: Liz and Philip


Best wedding villas in Venice

If you love culture and art, a wedding in Venice will be like a dream come true. There are so many luxury spots in both the city and its province, you’ll be spoilt for choice. I hope my advice will help you find the right villa to celebrate the most important day of your life.

matrimonio provenzale fotografo matrimonio padova banchetto rustico

Villa Marcello Loredan Franchin is a VI century villa given as a gift by Pope Innocent VIII to the Santa Maria degli Angeli Monastery. Both the villa and the Barchessa outhouse were built towards the end of VI century, while the church annexed to the villa dates back to 1668. Owned by the Franchin family since the beginning of the last century, an accurate structural restoration was carried out under the tutelage of the Superintendence of the Environmental Assets of the Veneto villas, with a focus on the restoration of the Palladian front façade characterising the Barchessa outhouse.

Located in Ceggia, approximately 30 km from Venice, it’s a Renaissance villa with an exclusive atmosphere: the majestic Murano chandeliers, the ancient truss ceilings and the splendid perspectives of the secular park.

If you want to organise a romantic outdoor reception in the park in summer, elegant and comfortable marquees can be installed.

Villa Sagredo is a villa located along the Riviera del Brenta, the stretch of river flowing between Padova and Venice, enriched by the beautiful residences of Venetian aristocrats.

It’s surrounded by a huge park of more than 40 thousand square metres, where you can find a diverse mix of hedges, bushes, woods and rows, interspersed with clearings, shady corners and spaces left completely empty on purpose, to celebrate their beauty.

Located in Vigonovo and owned by the Bano family, over the years it has become one of the most appreciated wedding location in the whole Venetian area. If you’re considering getting married in Venice in summer, this is the perfect villa for you.

matrimonio provenzale fotografo matrimonio padova banchetto rustico

If you’re looking for a truly unique villa for your wedding in Venice, you can stop in Villa O’Hara, falling in love with its charm ad the atmosphere you breathe inside of the majestic park.

Located in Torre di Mosto, you’ll be enchanted by the two settings. Moreover, you won’t want to miss the orchard area and the splendid arbour, perfect for your outdoor reception.

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Villa Valmarana is an architectural complex overlooking the Riviera del Brenta. The Barchessa has a monumental aspect due to the large portico with double columns, which shows the representative function that the building was originally intended to fulfil.

The interior rooms have been restored to their former glory, enhanced by frescoes from the Tiepolo school and decorated with great taste. The park at the back of the building allows you to organise your most beautiful day in the best possible way, embellishing your arrival with an exclusive landing, for an entrance in style!

Located in Mira, and easily accessible from Padua and Venice, Villa Valmarana can be considered one of the ideal locations for your outdoor reception in summer.

Villa Valier is an enchanting building dating back to the 16th century, where two Doges of the Serenissima lived. It is a romantic Veneto villa, immersed in the countryside between Venice and Padua. It is located in Mira, along the Riviera del Brenta. Villa Valier is surrounded by a luxuriant park full of centuries-old trees, under which you can organise your wedding reception and shooting. The structure also offers its beautiful internal halls: these are rooms with attention to the smallest detail, whose frescoes and ancient floors have been restored to their original splendour. The staff at Villa Valier are among the best in the area. They will follow the guests and the bride and groom with great professionalism both in planning the wedding and during the day itself. A truly enchanting and refined place to spend your most beautiful day with your guests.

wedding in villa correr agazzi wedding photographer

Villa Correr Agazzi is a refined residence built in the 17th century. It stands in Biverone di S.Stino di Livenza, not far from Venice. The structure, perfectly preserved, presents the typical quadrangular architecture of the period. The large park of the Villa graciously embraces both the main building and the beautiful Barchessa. Thanks to the centuries-old trees and the beautiful rose beds, the Park is really the most romantic place in the structure, perfect for celebrating both the civil ceremony and the shooting of your wedding. The atmosphere here is indeed magical and able to transport visitors away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The rooms inside the Villa are no less fascinating: among frescoes and period furniture, you can celebrate your wedding in the most refined and elegant way.

wedding villa foscarini rossi wedding photographer venice

Villa Foscarini is a historic residence located in Stra, in the province of Venice, along the splendid Riviera del Brenta. It is a structure dating back to the 17th century, immersed in a verdant centuries-old park, in which time seems to have stood still. Crossing its entrance, in fact, you will feel as if you are taking a gentle plunge into the past. The interior of the Villa is distinguished by its refinement and elegance, offering visitors the rich artistic heritage kept within its walls. In the suggestive Salone degli Affreschi, you can admire unique paintings while enjoying your delicious wedding banquet. If, on the other hand, you prefer a less opulent but equally well-preserved setting, the majestic Sansovina-style portico will amaze you. Also usable in winter, this more intimate corner of the Villa opens directly onto the park, offering bucolic and romantic views. Villa Locatelli is truly a versatile and harmonious location where we are sure you will spend moments of pure magic.

The beautiful Villa Rizzi Albarea is a historic residence dating back to the 11th century. It stands in Pianiga, in the province of Venice, amidst the gentle green expanses of the Veneto countryside. It is an evocative medieval-era location that will enchant your guests with its architectural beauty and the peace that you can breathe here. The Villa, in fact, is immersed in a dense centuries-old park, under whose verdant foliage you can organise your aperitifs and outdoor receptions. Moreover, there is a romantic pond in this splendid green lung, the perfect backdrop for your wedding photo shoot. The internal halls of Villa Rizzi Albarea are then a true architectural jewel. Here, you will be greeted by splendid frescoes and elegant stuccoes, which will lend a luxurious and princely atmosphere to your event. On the other hand, the venue also has a rustic covered portico for weddings with a more intimate and traditional flavour. Villa Elodia is truly a little gem of the Riviera del Brenta, a unique location in which to experience a wedding suspended between dream and reality.

wedding villa widmann borletti wedding photographer padova

Villa Widmann Rezzonico Foscari is a historic structure dating back to the early 16th century. It is located in the verdant town of Mira, on the left side of the Naviglio Brenta canal. The Villa is surrounded by a lovely little park, made available for the organisation of aperitifs and summer receptions. Walking up the gentle tree-lined avenues, you will then reach a bucolic pond, the perfect backdrop for the most romantic double shots. Villa Widmann Rezzonico Foscari also offers exclusive interiors to the bride and groom. Of refined and elegant taste, the salons of the Villa are embellished with frescoes of inestimable value. Here, under the painted vaults, you can serve the most luxurious of banquets, leaving all your guests speechless. For lovers of simplicity and tradition, on the other hand, the ancient barchessa of the complex will provide moments of pure magic. Whatever your preference, the beautiful Villa Widmann Rezzonico Foscari will give you an unforgettable day that will fill your hearts with sweet memories.

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wedding villa barbarich

The splendid Villa Barbarich is a historic residence dating back to the 16th century. Built in the typical style of 16th-century Venetian villas, the structure stands in Zelarino, a short distance from the splendid Venice. The mansion is surrounded by a vast centuries-old park with a rich variety of trees and rare plants. Here a romantic stream flows sinuously, chosen by couples as the backdrop for fairytale shots. Within this quiet and reserved corner, you can organise your most sparkling summer events, enjoying the breathtaking panorama offered by the Veneto countryside. Walking up the gentle paths, you reach the refined patio of the Villa. From here you access the famous internal salons, which will amaze you with their grandeur. These are, in fact, richly frescoed and extremely luxurious rooms, perfect for suggestive and bon ton banquets. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more informal and cosy setting, Villa Barbarich also has two rustic barchesse. Villa Barbarich is truly a unique location, able to fulfil the dreams and expectations of all its guests.

Palazzo Ca' Sagredo is a majestic structure located directly on the Grand Canal in the heart of Venice. The complex, built in the 14th century, now houses a famous 5-star hotel. It is therefore the perfect choice for discerning couples who want a true luxury experience. To briefly describe the beauty of this historic building would be extremely reductive. A famous destination chosen by international celebrities and brands for their events, Palazzo Ca' Sagredo guards a priceless artistic heritage within its walls. Within its numerous rooms, you can organise your banquet, admiring between one course and another frescoes of rare beauty. Sumptuous and extremely scenic, this location will then be the perfect backdrop for unforgettable shots. Taking advantage of the exclusive panoramic terrace or the majestic Central Staircase, you can realise a wedding shoot with a cinematographic flavour. Palazzo Ca' Sagredo is a breathtaking structure that will leave your guests speechless, imprinting an indelible memory of your wedding in their hearts.

wedding palazzo ca' zenobio

The magnificent Palazzo Ca' Zenobio is an ancient Venetian residence that majestically in the Dorsoduro district. It is a splendid building dating back to the 17th century, characterised by late Baroque elements. Palazzo Ca' Zenobio is famous for being one of Venice's most glamorous and private destinations. As it does not directly overlook the busy Grand Canal, it is one of the most intimate buildings in which to experience your most important day. You can therefore take full advantage of the location for your wedding shoot, without being disturbed by tourists and onlookers. Palazzo Ca' Zenobio also makes its exclusive private garden available to its visitors. Cosy and romantic, it houses a lovely private chapel, where you can exchange the sweetest of Yeses. The interior of the complex is no less luxurious and princely. In the great Hall of Mirrors you can serve a regal banquet, admiring the splendid frescoes. Palazzo Ca' Sagredo is truly an unforgettable place that will remain forever.

wedding palazzo dandolo wedding photographer venice

The historic Palazzo Dandolo is a small Gothic jewel dating back to the 14th century and now home to the famous Hotel Danieli. This splendid building is located in romantic Venice and enjoys a breathtaking view of the picturesque Piazza San Marco. It is one of the oldest and most luxurious hotels in La Serenissima, frequented over the centuries by princes, actors, singers, musicians and heads of state. Inside, you can immerse yourself in luxurious rooms with immortal charm, characterised by stuccoes, marble elements and precious period furniture.

Open for weddings and events, it is the perfect place to celebrate a refined and glamorous wedding. You can, in fact, organise your reception here, enjoying the suggestive Venetian panorama from the building's exclusive terrace. Moreover, thanks to the docking on the Grand Canal, you can amaze your guests by reaching the venue directly by gondola. Palazzo Dandolo, with its dreamy and luxurious atmosphere, is truly the perfect setting for your most beautiful day. A magical place that will forever remain imprinted in the hearts of all your guests.

The elegant Palazzo Pisani Moretta is a splendid 15th-century Venetian Gothic building. The luxurious complex overlooks the famous Grand Canal, one of the Serenissima's most characteristic and picturesque canals. And it is precisely by sea that you can reach the palace, for a regal entrance directly by gondola or boat that will amaze your guests. A famous location for the annual Doge's Ball, Palazzo Pisani Moretta is also open for weddings and exclusive events.

Within its sumptuous salons, it is possible to organise banquets and refined celebrations. Like two noblemen of the Baroque era, the newlyweds can experience a unique day of romance and elegance. The great hall on the piano nobile, with its precious frescoes and Murano glass chandeliers, will enrapture your guests' gaze, providing unforgettable emotions. Moving to the more intimate Ballroom, you can celebrate your wedding until late at night, experiencing intense moments of light-heartedness and fun.

wedding palazzo contarini polignac wedding photographer venice

The elegant Palazzo Contarini Polignac is a splendid building dating back to the 15th century, famous for its historical importance. Situated directly on the Grand Canal, this splendid structure enchants its visitors with its elegant Renaissance architecture. Immortalised by the great Claude Monet, its interior boasts a rich artistic heritage, carefully selected by the noble princess Winnaretta Singer. Far from the pomp and excess of other venues in the Serenissima, Palazzo Contarini Polignac is distinguished by its refined simplicity. For this reason, it is considered one of the most evocative and romantic places in which to celebrate one's most beautiful day. Here, art and culture find their highest expression, offering newlyweds an intimate haven of love. Moreover, unlike other structures in the area, Palazzo Contarini Polignac boasts a marvellous private garden. This bucolic green corner, nestled among the canals of Venice, hosts exclusive receptions during the summer, perfect for the most romantic couples seeking privacy.

Whatever location you choose for your wedding photos in Venice, don't forget to count on the right wedding photographer.

He will capture the emotions of that day and turn them into memories you will cherish forever.

If you're looking for a wedding photographer in Venice, or are still considering wedding venues, take a look at our wedding photography galleries.

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